>> Grab your Midlife Love Guide to Successful Dating >>

>> Grab your Midlife Love Guide to Successful Dating >>

>> Grab your Midlife Love Guide to Successful Dating >>

Relationships Blog Posts

How to Have Healthy Boundaries

Did anyone ever tell you that there's a BIG difference between picking your battles and not letting yourself be walked all over? It's all good and well to be someone who doesn't like to upset the apple cart. Maybe you're one of those people who doesn't like conflict...

Stay or go

Have you ever been in love, thrilled to have found your person, on cloud nine, only to be slammed by the realization that you've hit the first speed bump of your budding relationship? Suddenly you notice a crack in your rose-tinted glasses as you begin to view your...

Opening your heart to the wrong person can cost you

Life is full of curveballs. We don’t know what’s coming and sometimes we can get triggered. It happens. When you’re hurting, get poked by the unexpected or things are just feeling tough, who do you turn to for an ear, a hug, a shoulder, or support? It matters who you...

The Seed of Commitment

How is your garden coming along? Have the seeds of love started to sprout for you yet? Just as a lush, bountiful garden takes a certain degree of commitment, so does showing up for your dreams...showing up for your passions... showing up for what matters most to you...

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