Stay or go

Have you ever been in love, thrilled to have found your person, on cloud nine, only to be slammed by the realization that you’ve hit the first speed bump of your budding relationship?

Suddenly you notice a crack in your rose-tinted glasses as you begin to view your partner a different way, leading you to that one internal dilemma: Should I stay or should I go?

In moments like this, the inclination to leave can be incredibly strong. I see it all the time – people bolting way too soon when they sense the first sign of tension.

The truth is that tension, conflict or even arguments are not bad for a relationship. They are opportunities that demonstrate to you how well you and your partner can work through the trials of life…together.

And, in fact, these first few conflicts with your partner are invaluable because they reveal to you if you really do have a solid, Next Level Love.

So…. instead of packing your bags and running for the hills at the first sign of conflict, stop and take a breath. Realize that in front of you is an opportunity to learn.

Ask yourself:

❤️  When my partner and I disagree, is it done so with mutual respect?

❤️  Is my partner open to compromise? Is he okay with not having his way 100% of the time?

❤️ Do I feel secure in telling my partner how I really feel and do I trust him to meet me where I’m at?

If the answer is “yes” to all of these, then don’t bolt too soon! Work through your jitters by working with your partner, and together you will cultivate something fantastic. And if the answer is “no”, follow your gut!

If you need help with this and want some love support, grab a Love Breakthrough Session with me. Let’s look at how you handle conflict and get you clear on your next steps toward inviting Next Level Love into your life.

Junie Moon

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