#1 International Bestselling Book

See yourself through the eyes of love and compassion

This book takes you on a journey to discover why you suffer with “not-good-enough-itis” and offers you a cure. It shines a light on the programming and offers you tools to rewire the past so you can move into the life you were meant to live. If you’re hungry to live a fully expressed and peaceful life, understanding where your negative beliefs came from and then changing them are paramount to achieving a joy-full life.

Can you imagine how freeing it would feel to relax and accept all of yourself? Loving the Whole Package offers you new lens to see yourself through the eyes of love and compassion. Enjoy the journey to discovering the true you!

“This book is now on the top of my recommended reading list!” Sheri Winston - Award winning author of "Women’s Anatomy of Arousal"

Loving the Whole Package provides an intimate, inspiring roadmap to help you embrace the light and dark within and live in freedom and joy.”

Robin Rose Bennett, Author of The Gift of Healing Herbs and Healing Magic

Rather than resist what is, Junie Moon skillfully weaves the shadow with the light in such a way that allows them to dance with beauty and ease. Both revealing and raw, this book is a must-read for those on a journey of self-evolution.

Michael Neeley, Host of the acclaimed Consciously Speaking Podcast and Mentor to Visionary Solopreneurs