Have you ever had one of these days?

When I woke up today I was feeling a lot of fear, doubt, and overwhelm. I didn’t wanna get out of bed. My mind was running amok. I was obsessing about some things that are tough in my life right now.

Big obsessive thinking! It started to paralyze me. And then it didn’t.

Here are two hot tips that I used today to get myself in action and past the yuck.

In the past, I would’ve just eaten a lot of bad food and watched a lot of bad TV all day long. Not anymore.

The first thing I did was notice what was going on and I allowed myself to feel the feels. I allowed myself the tears. I allowed myself some anger. I allowed myself to feel.

I know that feeling leads me to healing. It just does.

That’s not where it ended for me though. The next thing I did was I looked at my thoughts. There were a lot of thoughts that were causing this distress.

Our thoughts really guide us and my thoughts were taking me down a rabbit hole of doubt and fear. Thoughts like my life is a mess, just throw in the towel and give up.

That wasn’t my choice. I decided to really look at my thoughts and work it. Sometimes we need to take a break, step away, and do something different.

Instead of FEAR- fuck everything and run/ I Faced Everything And Rocked. I poked holes in some of the beliefs I had that pushed me down the rabbit hole.

There are things in my life that are challenging right now, but it doesn’t have to take away the beauty of this moment in my life.

After feeling what I needed to feel, and listening to my thoughts, I took action and got in my car and drove to the beach.

Funny enough it was pouring rain all the way there – until it wasn’t. And then I was able to enjoy my evening near the ocean with a beautiful sky waiting for the sunset.

We don’t have to be at the mercy of our thoughts. We don’t have to be driven by our emotions. We have a choice. What do you choose today?

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