Opening your heart to the wrong person can cost you

Life is full of curveballs. We don’t know what’s coming and sometimes we can get triggered. It happens.

When you’re hurting, get poked by the unexpected or things are just feeling tough, who do you turn to for an ear, a hug, a shoulder, or support?

It matters who you choose to share your heart with. Not everyone can hold the space for you in the way that you need.

Think about your personal tribe. Who is your “go-to” person for great advice? Who in your inner circle can be there for you and support you in the way you deserve to be supported?

Is there someone you wish you didn’t share with because they judge you or see the world differently than you?

It’s happened to me many times in my life where I’ve opened up and shared something vulnerable with a friend and I regretted it. I have one friend in particular who just doesn’t get me and she will judge me.

After sharing with her I’d feel unloved, unseen, unheard, and way worse.

Suffice it to say, she is not my “go-to

” person. I love her but there are just certain things I don’t share.


It’s so frustrating and hurtful when you get vulnerable with a beloved and they just don’t get it. OR they give you unsolicited advice when all you really needed was an ear.

just did a Facebook live this week about this very topic.

How to protect yourself from judgment and get the support you need

Check it out here.

I have David and he’s an amazing partner.  A great listener. A true friend.  But… there are some things he is not the perfect person to go to.

So what do you do when you need to talk?  Who do you go to for that feedback you need or that extra loving care when you’re down?

I want to give you some quick tips here, though the video goes way more deeply into this very important topic about inner boundaries with friends (and dates).

Think about your inner circle.

Who thinks like you and sees the world similarly? Who’s a great “go-to” person for advice or someone who can give support with difficult matters of the heart?

Now think about your inner circle again. Who sucks at supporting you? Who judges you when you open your heart and you wish you never shared?

Make a decision right now who is in your court.

Who has that queen energy that supports your vision and lifts you up?

Who can help you take a stand and empower you to take action?

Who is great at talking you through things and can help you make decisions?

Who’s a great listener?

AND who should you not share the tricky things with?

For that beloved that just isn’t your “go to” person, love them as they are and maintain a boundary with certain topics because they just can’t be there for you.

Start here.  Build your team. Know who those special souls are that you can lean on in times of strife.

In the video, I speak about dating and how to navigate those tricky times when you don’t want to share something personal on a date.

There are ways to communicate with others that have you taking great care of yourself and not pushing people away.

In fact, when you communicate your boundaries on a date, you get to see how they react. Check out the video and let me know what you think.


Junie Moon
Love Coach

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