If you’re stuck… here is the antidote!

Are you ready for some traction toward your dreams?

In the last email we looked at the concepts: Taking a Chance and Making a Mistake.

Then I pointed out how your unconscious beliefs are running your life show and that wanting something a lot isn’t enough to get you going if unconsciously you think you can get hurt.

As Tony Robbins says, the past does not equal the future. Yet your unconscious mind doesn’t know this and is scared that the past will indeed happen again.

And so your inner Risk Manager is doing whatever it takes to keep you right where you are, in your comfort zone. However, your comfort zone can have you feeling lonely, angry, sad, and hopeless. Not cool.

You have past programming running your present and that needs to be updated.

I’ve been there! I’ve had so many years of sabotaging myself. As you know, I went up and down the scale 50 pounds multiple times. It sucked. It hurt. And then….

I discovered it didn’t have to be an uphill battle. I didn’t have to keep falling into the same old sabotaging patterns. I didn’t have to keep gaining the weight back or keep dating the same person over and over again.

AND I learned that if I did have an oops, it didn’t have to be so friggin’ painful because I added new inner tools to support my journey.

Once I began shining a light on the real reasons I was “failing”, why the risks were so scary and learned how to dance with my fear, things changed. And they can change for you.

You will still have some fear. It’s part of being human and it’s a good thing to have healthy fear. What we need to do is have you know it can be different for you. Once your unconscious fears come to the surface and you see things aren’t as dire as you think, those inner demons that have you question what’s possible can chill out.

So let’s look at how you can get moving in the “right” direction.

☀️Think of what you want.

☀️Think of something that’s important to you like having a new love or perhaps you want to take your health to the next level but find yourself in negative patterns that are holding you back. You know, “bad” habits.

☀️Ask yourself, “What will happen if you get what you want?

☀️What’s a potential risk if you actually succeed?”

Sometimes you don’t realize there is risk in actually getting what you crave. You see only the upside but trust me, if you’re not fully going for what you want, you’re scared of something…

I had a client who wanted a new relationship. She was so lonely and desperately wanted a partner. But she kept sabotaging herself and dating was not going well. Why? If she really wanted a new partner then why did she keep herself back?

We first looked at the risks of having a new relationship – like she might get her heart squashed like last time – and we looked at ways to strengthen her self-esteem so she didn’t risk the devastation she felt before. We added some new strategies to her tool box and voila, her Risk Manager eased up.

☀️So think of one risk of getting what you want and ask yourself, “Has this risk happened to me in the past?”

☀️What might you do differently this time?

This is huge. When you can look at past events and see you have different choices now, your Risk Manger can see you’re older and wiser.

☀️ So ask yourself, is this a risk you’re willing to take?

☀️How can you support yourself so this isn’t so terrifying?

☀️ What tools can you add to your toolbox? If it doesn’t work out, how can this time be different for you?

Remember, if your Risk Manager thinks you’ll be devastated if you don’t get the partner you’re seeking or that partner will hurt you in some way or that you’ll “fail”, it’s not going to make it an easy journey.

When you can explore your options consciously and have your Risk Manager see you have a plan, it can step back and give you some room to explore next steps.

Let your Risk Manager know what’s at stake if you don’t get what you crave. Let it know the cost of not going for your new love or dream life. Let it know there is pain if it continues to hold you back.

Take some time to explore why your Risk Manager is keeping you in a holding pattern.

If you need some support with this exercise in getting the Risk manager to chill out, I’m happy to support you.

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If you’ve had a past ouch, and we all have, your Risk Manager is going to do whatever it takes to keep you from harms way.

It will have your inner critic running in your head having you doubt whether success is possible for you.

So, do you really want success? Are you sick of time passing feeling like you’ll never get your dreams manifested?

Whether you’re looking for love or desiring something else, the principles remain the same. You need to make a move, stretch your comfort zone and take a risk or nothing will happen.

It’s a crazy thing how you may want something so badly you could taste it but you sabotage yourself.

Let’s change that. It’s time.

Grab a session if you wanna take the next step in designing your new life chapter on your terms without it being such a struggle.

To your life being the masterpiece it is meant to be, Junie

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