Winter Blues?

Winter Blues-Res

If the sun is out and it’s snowing what should you look for?

Snowbows…of course!

Yes I know – It ‘s friggin’ cold out!  (Well, at least it is for me, I’m on the East Coast!  Brrr!)  If you’re cold like me, the oil is running low, your skin is drying up, the snow removal bills are stacking up and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight!

I wanted to reach out to you because I know how long, cold winters can suck your  spirit (and your wallet) dry, BUT it doesn’t have to be like that. Winter has so much to offer you!

I thought you might need a soul-filling reminder to enhance your winter and make it a powerful enjoyable experience.

You have an amazing resource to make this time of year magical- and it’s called your mind.

So where are your thoughts? What are you spending time focusing on?

Thoughts are powerful and create your internal world- which allows you to see life a certain way. Where focus goes, energy flows.

If you think this winter sucks and your life is miserable, how will you feel? If you change your focus to the beauty of the snow, how Spring is just around the corner and that this is a great time for reflection, it’s another world inside of you.

It’s a choice what thoughts you decide to focus on. .

If you find yourself stuck in your home-   it ‘s the perfect time to read that book that has been sitting on your shelf waiting for just this occasion.  Make a cup of tea and sink into the slow time.

Winter is a powerful time to go within. Maybe journal- take some time to dream about your life and what you would like to call into it.  What makes your heart sing?

Focusing on the blessings you have will make you feel a heck of a lot better than how lousy it is outside.  (And if you are in California and feel like shit- then look to your thoughts as well!)  Allow yourself to open up to the beauty of this sweet moment and enjoy your winter!

Hoping you are warm and cozy as you read this!

Love, Junie

PS: If you know a friend who could use some winter support…share this post!

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