Where are my wings? Saying no in order to fly….


If you know me at all, you know I love life and cannot get enough of it!  My joke is I wish I had a few more bodies to do all the things I want to do. I get frustrated and even depressed when I can’t do it all. The strange thing is I find myself doing nothing when I want to do everything! Crazy stuff. I mean, one would think I would do as much as I can to be happy, no? No! I get really sad when I am not able to fully step into something I want to do.  I want to do everything and have everything be great!

One of the things I have learned is boundaries and limitations. Those words used to send chills up my spine. “What? Say “no” to something I want to do? Heck no, I want it all!!!”  Or, saying “no” to someone else might disappoint them and I can’t have that! But what I realized is having structure and focus in my life, and yes, some limitations (ugh), enables me to show up way more consciously and actually enjoy the moment much more fully.  I will be way more joyous in my life. AND give more authentically to those dear to me.

Also, by slowing down and limiting my activities, I get to regroup and really soar when I am clear and ready to fly. Resting to rise up!

If my mind is in the future about what I might be missing out on or if I am not doing things as well as I would like due to lack of time, I get anxious and I am miserable. I then miss out on the most precious thing I have….. my life.

Where in your life might you be willing to say no? What’s at risk for you if you do not set some limits? What rewards will you get if you do?

Check out the opportunities below that address some of these challenges we face. Maybe send to a friend to help them find more joy in their life.

I wish you a magical present moment

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