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Welcome to Midlife Love Out Loud – Your One Stop Love Shop. I’m so thrilled you found your way here. I’m your host Junie Moon, I’m the inner critic tamer and your love mentor.

I’ve created this podcast because my deepest desire is to help bring more love to the world and more love to you. I want to help people experience Healthy, abundant off the charts next level love. A love that has your heart open and available to connect deeply with your beloveds. A love where you can feel safe to be fully expressed and accepted, adored and cherished just as you are without apology. When you feel more love flowing, everyone you come across will feel it too and it trickles out to the world. And when you are fully feeling it, (and owning it), you call it into your life in abundance.

One of the last things my grandma said before she died was love is the answer to everything. And I totally agree. So if love is the answer to everything, why do we have so much pain when it comes to relationships? Why is there so much drama? and why so much fear about starting over? And Why are there so many single people in midlife feeling alone, scared and resistant to their next greatest partner?

There are reasons and we are going to not only explore why you hold yourself back in the love realm you will learn powerful tools to breakthrough the glass ceiling and experience a whole new love story.

There is a reason midlife feels difficult when it comes to partnering up. It’s different now and it’s a bit tricky. We’re not 20 something where we can just meet people in a college class or at a party, it’s a whole new playing field.

Also, by the time we get into our 40’s and 50’s we’ve experience a ton in the love realm and a lot of it wasn’t too pretty. We’ve had our hearts broken- we’ve experienced betrayal and loss and even abuse. And so it makes sense why there is massive trepidation to say yes to love again and big confusion as to how to find it.

Because of all of this, people are running in the opposite direction. They question whether love is in the cards for them and their hearts are in lockdown. Doubts and fears are paralyzing.

I want to give you the keys to not only unlock your heart to love but to give you the tools to help you take a big step toward next level love.

And so I created this special place for you. This is your one stop love shop where you can learn powerful tools to help feel you feel relaxed and empowered and have you be seen, loved and adored just as you are so there’s less drama and loneliness and more connection with the ones you want to be with,

you’ll also acquire new tools to enhance your intimacy because who doesn’t want more of that. I have some amazing sex educators that will be coming on as my guest and we will dive into that huge topic. And when I say intimacy, I am not only talking about sex but the ability to sink into the arms of your loved one and relax.   You’ll also learn healthy communication skills which creates a safe place for you to fully express yourself and be witnessed in your truth.

you’ll also learn about strategic vulnerability- how you can open your heart and it not feel so risky. Like I said, you’ve been hurt and it makes sense that you are cautious. The thing is, you’re probably overly cautious because that’s how we as human beings are wired. If you’ve experienced pain, unconsciously you’re going to do whatever it takes to not experience the hurt again. But this protective part of us tends to overshoot. So let’s change that and in a way that you can be safe, solid and able to welcome in new love.

You’ll also get great tips from dating coaches on how to navigate the midlife love track. lets be frank, it’s different than when you were 20 or 30. Texting and online dating didn’t exist and can be a bit daunting.

I’m committed to bringing you the best relationship experts, intimacy coaches, dating guides to mix with my wisdom as a love mentor so you can step boldly into your new love chapter.

There will be a new episode every 1st and 3d Wednesday of the month.

My deepest hope is to have a massive impact on your love life and the lives of others who feel like next level love isn’t possible.

So there are a few steps I want you to take so this can happen for you. You need to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the episodes. And if you find this valuable, and Im sure you will, it would be awesome if you could give a raving review – I would be very grateful for that so others can see there is value here for them too.

And lastly who do you know that could benefit from this type of show? Do you have a bff that you know could use some support in the love arena? Let her know about this show cause you know what? It’s way more fun to experience this precious stage of life with a soul sister so you can truly experience midlife love out loud. And also this is important, this show is not just about finding a partner, it’s about discovering the greatest love of your life and that is with you. Because when you love yourself, you can really believe it when someone else shows you love and welcome it into your heart.

I’m Junie Moon your love mentor and together we’ll take the leap toward love and let the magic begin.

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