A very vulnerable share about love and Valentines’s day (video)

Are you feeling it? Is your life in full bloom or have you not broken ground yet? Are you in the budding stage or are your roots just taking hold?

If you have access to what I call Next Level Love where you feel seen, heard connected and fulfilled by the people and partner(s) in your life, awesome! Enjoy this blessed day and feel the gratitude of the fullness.

Many people, maybe even you, are struggling with the fear of really getting vulnerable and opening your heart, and I get it. Love is risky business.

Love is beautiful but it comes and goes. It’s always inside of you but with others, it can be fleeting… hence the risky nature of it.

So how do you navigate the whole love journey? How can you feel safe while risking a heart break?

Watch the recent live video I did on the risk of love and the risk of not embracing it.

I get very vulnerable in it because I share about the loss of my dad and the impact it had on my love life.

Love is a dance for sure. I know for me, when my dad died, I thought love was a very dangerous thing to have in my life because it could be taken away in a heartbeat. Scary!!!!

In fact after he died, for many years later, I was extremely cautious to be too open. I believed that if I really allowed someone into my life full-blast, I could risk the devastating blow of it being taken away and that was not a comfy place to be.

To this day I am mindful how fast I open up to my prospective new partners. I check in regularly with myself to be sure I’m safe enough to share my most vulnerable self. I decide who is worthy of my truth. I question who can hold the sacred space when I share my most intimate of topics.

I am strategic with my vulnerability. In fact I call it strategic vulnerability.

At the end of the day, I know you want what I want – to connect deeply and to love and be loved. In order to have access to Next Level Love, we must open up… but how to do it without it being too risky is the big question.

Watch the video. Comment below it with your thoughts or reply to this email. I respond to all comments. And if you get value from the video, please like the video, subscribe to my YouTube channel and then share it with a friend who needs this very important message about love. 

I do wish you the most beautiful day of love. Whether partnered or not, do something special for yourself. I have plans with my gal-pal. We are ordering in dinner and then watching When Harry Met Sally. Yay!!!

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