How I transformed my fat in a heartbeat!!!

So… something pretty amazing happened. I literally transformed my fat in a heartbeat of time. Seriously.

Here is the before picture of me with my extra flesh on my back…

and here is the video of me explaining what happened to it.

I can write about it but frankly, I think you gotta just hear my story so here is a short video. And yes, it’s miraculous and it can happen for/to you!

This is NOT about some diet or quick fix and yet, it is totally a quick fix… It’s actually easier and better than a diet.

And of course, it’s also a bit vulnerable for me to share because I am talking about my fat.

Check it out. Think about it and see how it relates to you and your relationship to your own body and let me know what moves through you after watching this very revealing video…

Oh, and I forgot to put my video sideways so it’s vertical. Sorry… will I ever learn?! lol

Much love, Junie

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