To Risk or Not to Risk…That is the Question

In a talk recently  I spoke about risks, and how you must assess what you think might happen if you  go for what you want. What might happen if you stand up in front of a networking meeting and tell everyone about your services? What is scary about that? What’s risky about living authentically? These concerns you have, and chances are they’re SUBconscious,  are probably keeping you stuck.

In the past, you may have received criticism and it hurt. Perhaps when you were younger when you didn’t have great support in your life, the hit your heart took was very painful. But is the risk still as risky? If you get some criticism now will it hurt as much? What might you do differently so you don’t feel so awful?

You now have tools to help you through these precarious moments.  You can journal, meditate, reach out to your friends. You are an adult and the old programming that tells you “beware” is not serving you anymore. So explore what is true for you now. Is there really something that can hurt you?

Assessing what may happen is important.  Being aware of the risks helps you make conscious choices that keep you safe. If public speaking is scary, have a friend in the audience to support you and then you can know you are not alone.

I am so grateful to have had my coach as I stepped out into the limelight. I didn’t have to do it alone. So what are your resources? Are you using them?

In the past, I held myself back, played it small and felt an emptiness in my soul. I had a voice in my head that would tell me things like “other people know more about this kind of  work than you, so who are you to have your own teleseminar?”  My self-esteem was low and I had a big fear of what others would think.  The idea of putting myself  “out there” like I just did would have had me throwing up in the past!

But today, things are different. And they can be different for you too. 

Take some time to really look at what those risks may be..  And have compassion for yourself, because if you are scared, chances are you have a good reason – that in the past you got hurt. This is you taking care of yourself and that is not a bad thing.

But the past does not equal the future. What happened in the past is in the past and very well may not be relevant now. So ask yourself what is true now? And can you handle what may happen differently than you did in the past. This can free you up big time.

And if you need some support in figuring this out, reach out to me. Having a coach with outside perspective can be extremely helpful when you are taking the charge out of the past and embracing what is true now.  I’m here.

Live big, live bold, and breathe!

Love, Junie

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