This was a hard New Year!

I had to cancel my community pajama party on zoom this past week.

The universe had other plans.

It was such a disappointment to cancel it…our playtime together. I wanted to dream with you what’s possible for ’22… together.

My Covid symptoms started on December 23. Though it wasn’t horrible, it totally grounded me from taking flight.

To say I was exhausted would be an understatement.

Happy to say I am about 90% better.

I still have a bit of fatigue here and there but overall, I am ready to say YES! to the New Year.

I won’t tell you it was a breeze for me. I had my boohoo moments and I’m grateful to be on the other side of it.

My honey and I had it at the same time so we took turns caring for one another. I was deeply grateful for him and our partnership.

One of the blessings from Covid was a deepening of our love and commitment of our partnership.

Hard times show people’s true colors and we made rainbows. 🌈

Hard times can bring us to our knees and we get to see who helps us rise up.

Adversity shows us how strong we are.

During difficult times, it can suck. It can feel so painful.

It can also bring huge gifts.

The end of ’21 was challenging for sure. I had fear bubble up many times and I had to surrender.

I had no choice but to ride the waves of the sickness and see where I was going to land.

It’s so important to accept “what is”.

❤️ To not fight the reality that is handed to you.

🌼 To make the best of the circumstances and go with the flow the best you can.

The alternative is a battle and battles have a cost, especially if the reality is something that can’t be changed.

So I leaned into my reality. I rested.

I binged an awesome series called “Alone” on Hulu about survival and it helped me see even more clearly all my blessings.

My biggest blessings:

❤️ Family
🌈 Friends
🌼 My health
😜 My work- I love helping people live the life they desire- especially when they doubt it’s possible.
🎉 My freedom

The list can go on and on.

I love starting the New Year fresh, with my heart open and letting my dreams flow and this year was different.

There is a saying: We plan and God laughs.

For me, my plans were delayed this year and I had to accept the reality that was presented to me.

My New Year was different than past years where I would set my intentions and start fresh on January 1st. Oh well. Moving on!

How about you?

Did you take time to dream about ’22 and what you desire to manifest?

I speak often about the importance of knowing your North Star. You need to have some sense of direction or you can stumble along only to find yourself back at New Year’s next year with nothing changed.

I encourage you to take some time to journal and dream what you’d like to see show up into your life. Dive in.

Take a chance and name that which you desire…

❤️ A new love.
🌼 A new job.
😛 A new adventure

See it as if it were here right now and feel what it would feel like to have it. The universe loves when you are specific and then supports you to realize that which you desire.

Remember, the beliefs of “I can’t have it” or “It won’t happen” are very powerful and the universe will hear those messages too so keep your eye on the prize and continue to say NO! to the thoughts that stop you.

You truly are powerful and deserving of your dreams to be realized.

Comment below and let me know one dream you want to see happen in ’22. I’d love to know.

Happy New Year my sweet friend,

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