The struggle is real… and necessary!

You like to flow and feel peaceful, right?

Who likes to struggle? Certainly not me!

What if you need to struggle to get to the flow stage?

I just learned about the 4 stages of FLOW and it really helped me take the shame off of some of the states of being I can experience in my life.

Click here to see the recent Tea Time Tuesday FB Live I did speaking on this very topic.

It really helps when we can understand what we are going through.

For me, when I realized that it’s cyclical and that to get to flow stage I must experience some struggle and then release, it helped me see the journey and embrace it more easily.

AND the last stage being recovery…wow!

I can beat myself up about that stage thinking I am taking too much time to regroup. 

I notice a persistent voice in my head that begins to push myself to get going.

Does that happen to you?

It’s crazy.

The stage of recovery is necessary to actually get back to the flow state.

Hope you enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts!

To much more flow! Junie

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