The Seed of Confidence

In honor of Spring and new beginnings, last week I touched on what kinds of seeds you need to plant in your garden to nurture magnificent love

The first seed was Confidence and it’s an important one!

Like new shoots awakening and beginning to sprout forth… reaching up towards the warm sunshine…your garden of Love may be getting ready to bloom.

Can you feel it?

And feeling confident is so important! You want to feel good inside and comfortable inside of your skin.

Here’s the thing though, planting the Seed of Confidence within you is not quite enough. You must tend to it daily. Water it. Nurture it. Help it sprout and blossom.

And then that growing confidence will start to spill over into everything you do.

4 keys to maximize your confidence:

1. Write down whatever brings you self-doubt (even if you don’t necessarily believe it). For example: Who’s gonna love me at this age? Is love really going to happen for me? I’m too fat. I’m not smart enough, I’m too old. I’m not good enough.


2. Write down all the messages that are the complete opposite. For example, I’m wonderful. There’s someone special for me, I’m beautiful, I’m perfect just the way I am (Even if you don’t believe it).


3. Think about the positive messages and read them every day. Get in a positive frame of mind and read them before you go online. Before you message somebody. Before you video chat. Before you go on a  date.

Before you do anything in your life, you want to continue that dialogue to let you know how special you are, and drill it in, in a conscious way.

4. Support yourself. Dress up in something that makes you feel beautiful. Change your state of mind from nervous, or a little shaky, to confident and sexy. If you have a crown handy, put it on!

Try some deep breathing, do some grounding, do some yoga, take a hot bath, do something that has you feeling really supported and feeling good in your body. When you’re feeling good, your cells, your beliefs, your everything feels good too!

Play some music that makes you smile and feel amazing!

Use these keys to start chipping away at that negative inner chatter that takes away your confidence and makes feeling good about yourself a top priority.

And, dance like nobody’s watching!

Junie Moon

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