The Root Cause of Your Broken Man Picker

Do you suffer from not-good-enough-itis?

So many women experience severe symptoms from this very challenging dis-ease and it affects your man picker!

We’ve been programmed to think we’re falling short from our culture, our parents, and our intimate relationships, and these beliefs that we’re not good enough affect us in different ways. 

👉 You might think you’re too old and therefore not good enough to find love again. 

👉 You might think you’re not good enough because you have extra weight on your body.

 👉 You might think you’re not good enough because______.

There are many symptoms of not-good-enough-itis and the biggest symptom is trying too hard to be good enough.

Because there’s a part of you that thinks something is lacking, you try to show that you have value and that has you overgiving and over-shining,  trying to prove that you are special.

So how does this affect your man picker?

Watch Part 3 of How to Fix Your Man Picker here.

You’ll learn powerful steps to take right now to feel good enough and call in a very different partner than you have before.

If you suffer with not-good-enough-itis, you totally want to check this video out.

You deserve great love and if there’s a part of you that questions that, and you feel inadequate, or doubt that you deserve a beautiful second half of life, you do not want to miss this!

Much love to you!


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