The Power Of Desire!

The New Year is about starting fresh with a clean slate, and I’ve got to tell you…I’m so excited for all of us to have a fresh start in 2021!

It’s an amazing thing when you set an intention and then have the follow-through.

With every new year comes unlimited possibility. Every day becomes a new chance to start fresh. And yet, sometimes that feels overwhelming and scary.

There’s always that hope for a better year than last but it can come with the pressure to make sudden life changes…especially when you hit January 1st and you think…

Oh SHIT, I’m still not where I want to be with my health or my business.

It’s also that pressure that spurs you into action! You might be feeling the fear and fear can be a great motivator!

It inspires you to make new resolutions and, for the first couple of weeks, you get really stoked! You try SO hard to stick to your New Year’s goals and then….pffffffff

It fizzles out like an unshaken whipped cream dispenser. We all know what direction it goes from there…

You end up doing the same things that you’ve done before.
You end up in the same place.
You start to feel like crap.
And then you start to give up hope.

Well, I’m here to tell you….NEVER give up hope, because that is the mark of true failure. 

In fact, it’s never too late to reflect on what’s not working for you and decide how you want to change it. And, if you haven’t taken the time to reflect on what it is that you really want, there’s no time like the present! I want you to take a moment and focus on ONE important thing…

What do you desire? What’s ONE thing you want to have more of in your life?

  • Better health?
  • A new, exciting relationship?
  • More cash flow?
  • Getting more exercise?
  • Learning something new?

What REALLY calls you forward? Got it? Good!
Now you just have to get it!


  1. FEEL IT. Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart, and take a deep breath in. Can you feel it in your heart? Think about it in your head and bring that thought down into your heart. Mix your desire from your head with your heart and breathe it in. Breathe it into your body. Now imagine what’s it going to feel like when you have what you desire.
  2. SEE IT. What is it that you’re calling in? Is it a partner you desire…someone to have your back? Someone, to help make decisions with you? Someone to watch Netflix with when you order Chinese food? Whatever it is, just IMAGINE having it. See it? See it right now as clearly as you can. What does it look like?
  3. WANT IT. Get it out of your head and into your heart. Get excited to have it! Feel that desire building. You want this! What’s it going to feel like to have it? Will you feel lighter? More vibrant? More fulfilled? Focus on how it feels and breathe that in. Why do you want it? What changes if you get it? What would feel different if you had it in your life?
  4. BELIEVE IT. Allow yourself to just be in this moment and picture yourself having it. If it’s a partner, imagine this partner sitting right next to you…perhaps holding your hand. Look within- capture it with your mind’s eye having your hand in theirs. Believe that you have it right now. Connect with it, and feel gratitude for having it.

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So, now that you have captured your desire…slowly open your eyes and release it out into the universe. The Law of Attraction will soon match that frequency.

Let’s take a look at what may be blocking you. Do you ever tell yourself,

“It’s just not going to happen for me?” 

 “I’m too old for this shit, I give up on men?”

“I don’t want to put myself out there one more time because it’s exhausting, it’s painful and my life is fine the way it is!” 

Well, that’s just your FEAR talking…

Franklin J. Roosevelt said, “All we have to fear is fear itself,” and I believe that. Fear can stop you in your tracks. Learning how to work with your fear and taking back the power over fear allows you to move towards what you want.

If you are determined, you can learn how to dance with your fear so it won’t hold you back.

Fear comes from all your life’s programming which lives in your subconscious mind and that fear is there to keep you safe. Because you have experienced so much in your life and have been hurt, that accumulated information has created beliefs about what is safe and what isn’t.

If you want your desire to become real, you need to unpack the old baggage that is running the old tapes inside your head that create the fear.

You must do the inner healing work to get re-programmed. A great first step is…

Feel into the power of desire. 

Feel it with your mind – the thought of what you want.
Feel it with your heart- the feeling of the desire of what you want.
Feel it with your gut – Hell ya! I’m going for it!  I deserve it and I really want it!


By focusing on the feeling of having what you desire, you create a different vibe than the universe hears, and guess what? It comes to you with way more ease and you enjoy the process so much more. Couple that with releasing the old baggage and lookout. Your desires come toward you more quickly. So, feel it in your gut and feel the alignment, do the inner work to release the baggage, and voila! It will start to happen!

Don’t be afraid to have lots of big, beautiful desires. It’s a good thing!

Also, if you have a desire for something, it means it’s there for you to have. You can’t desire something that doesn’t exist, so desire whatever you want.

Just remember…you have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain!

Much love to you, Junie

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