The Opportunity in Jealousy

People often confuse jealousy and envy. Both are considered negative emotions. I’d like to offer you a different perspective on each.

When you feel envious of someone, it’s usually because they have something you want.

When you feel jealous, you might be resentful that someone is getting something that you think you should have or deserve.

When you feel these emotions, they can feel hard.

You can feel left out, sad, question your value, angry, and so many things. That’s where the negative connotation lies.

There’s another opportunity here.

If you feel envious, you can use this feeling as a clue to what you really want.

You could be happy if the other person has what they have and then bring it home to your own heart and notice that it’s something you want too!

Once you know this is something that you desire, you can take action to get it. It’s an opportunity to go within and move toward that which you admire in someone else.

If you’re feeling jealous, you can look at it just like envy – as an opportunity to learn and grow.

What goes on inside of you when you’re noticing you’re jealous of someone?

What are the beliefs that show up within your ears about yourself because you are jealous?

This is a beautiful opportunity to bring this noticing home to your heart and do some healing work.

If you’re feeling less than or wrong or left out or that something is wrong with you or________, ask yourself, “Why is that?”.

Ask yourself, “Where did I learn this belief?”

This is the beginning to healing this story.

I did a Facebook Live video on this topic and I went into this more deeply about love and relationships. Click here to watch.

Much Love,
Junie xoxo

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