The importance of slowing down

Do you ever notice how good it feels to stop the “go go go” and enjoy just letting yourself “be”?

I don’t know if it’s my age, the stage of life I’m in, or the dog days of summer, but frankly, I don’t want to do anything fast right now.

I’m noticing this summer, I am in slow motion. And, I noticed, as well, that slowing everything right down creates ease and smoothness.

When life’s not speeding by, you become open to so much more potential love around you.

You can really focus on what makes your heart happy and fulfilled, with or without a partner. And, whether you are 40, 50, 60, 70 years old, you can maximize this love chapter of your life!

When it comes to relationships, what do you really want?

🤗 You want smooth.

🙌 You want easy.

💯 You want successful.

✌🏻 You want peace.

😊 You want joy.

😘 You want fun.

But, how do you show up for yourself and call in that next-level love?

In order to connect the dots to where you are in your “beingness” right now, you need to slow right down and connect to your truth and listen to that little child inside of you.

  • What are you feeding her?
  • Do you want more fun? Are you feeding her some dancing?
  • Do you want comfort? Are you feeding her some really yummy food?
  • Do you want quiet? Are you over-indulging to quiet her?
  • Is she feeling lonely? Are you putting yourself out there online?

And, are you doing it in a way that’s really taking good care of yourself and honoring that part inside of you that knows what you truly want?

That little girl needs, wants and desires to be supported safely.

Because the problem is not what you’re doing.

It’s how you’re being.

So, slow right down and get clear about the next steps with your business, with your health, and with your life.

And, when it comes to tips for love, or for dating… slow it down, do more breathing, do more dreaming, do more meditating, and do more reading to enhance your life.

So, if you are on the path to the next level love, just take it slow.

Much Love,
Junie Moon- Your Love Coach

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