The Importance of Creating Intentional Space

How intentional are you when it comes to creating space for yourself without noise, phones or distractions?

Creating intentional space is important for many reasons, including making time for self-reflection and growth, setting boundaries, fostering healthy relationships, and creating a sense of purpose.

Intentional space can provide an opportunity to pause and reflect on life events and experiences.

Check out this short video here where I share what opened up for me when I created this spaciousness for myself.

I recorded this video while on a recent yoga retreat in the Bahamas because the AHAs and downloads I received were mind-blowing!

This time away also reinforced the importance of creating more space for myself and I highly encourage you to do the same.

Sister, what’s one way you can create space for yourself this week without being on a vacation or a yoga retreat?

Making and taking space for yourself can also give you a chance to create clarity within yourself by establishing concrete boundaries with how you spend your time, who you interact with, and what activities mean the most to you.

When you intentionally create space in your life, it helps you to know yourself better.

This knowing can support you in developing healthier relationships while also providing the energy needed to live an enriching life.

So much love to you,

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