Stop Dating!

You might need to rethink your dating strategies. Not just how to date but WHEN to date.

You might need to stop. 

What? Stop dating?

???? If I stop dating, how can I find my soulmate?
???? If I stop dating, I’m missing out on opportunities!
???? If I stop dating, more time is going to go by and I’m not getting any younger.

Junie, what are you thinking?!!!

I’m thinking that there are times when it’s best to pause your dating. Yep!

I just did a Facebook live on this topic if you want to check it out –  Click here

There are 4- things to consider before you put yourself out there and date.

#1- Have you unpacked the past and have done the healing work so that you can show up to your next partner without a U-Haul of baggage? If you haven’t, you’re going to bring a lot of old, smelly, luggage to your next relationship and that’s not what you want.

If you’re holding on to resentment, fears, doubts, old beliefs about relationships and love, this will impact your next relationship.

Before you put yourself out there, it’s so important to do the inner work.

#2- How is your bandwidth?

Sometimes life is full. More full than other times.

Check in with yourself and ask yourself, do you have the time to really devote to dating?

As you know, it takes effort, focus, and time to reach out to a new person.
– It takes time to respond to a new person.
– It takes time to go out on dates.
– It takes time to navigate a new relationship.
– It takes energy.

So, is this a good time to date?

There’s never a perfect time but there are better times than others. If there’s too much going on and you have a lot of stress, that needs to be dealt with. The last thing you want is to be overwhelmed and think dating is not working when it’s really YOU that’s not working.

You might need to take some time to regroup and do self-care. Give yourself a few months’ pause and then start again.

#3-  Are you your own soulmate?

Too many women are looking to be filled up by another. Many women don’t know who they are, what they want, and don’t know how to enjoy their life without a partner.

If you haven’t taken the time to go within and get clear about who you are now, what kind of relationship you want next, and more importantly know how to make your self happy without a partner, please take some clarity time before you put yourself out there.

❤️ You want to enter into the dating realm feeling full – not hungry.
❤️You want to enter the dating realm looking for someone to enhance your amazing life.

???????????????? Become your own soulmate first.

This doesn’t have to be perfect, however, if you don’t know how to meet your own needs and have deep self love and respect, how can you get it and receive it from another person?

#4 Do you know how to date?

If you’ve done 1-3 you are ready to date!

– Do you know how to navigate the dating waters?
– Do you know how to manage your time?
– Do you know which apps to be on?
– Do you know how to message a man and how to respond to a man?

All of this is so important otherwise you will burn out. Be sure to know how to do this well or you’re going to be spinning your wheels and thinking online dating doesn’t work. It does. You just need to know how to do it well.

One more thing. Don’t give up. You deserve love Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

There are ducks to get in a row and these are some of them.

Quack Quack.

Much Love,
Junie xoxo

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