Solo Holiday Love Hack

I have a question for you, sister. What’s your home like? 

Are you feeling the love? 

I ask this, because your environment is so important to your happiness and calling in Next Level Love. 

Of course your internal environment is most important, and the space you live in influences you too…a lot!  

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You often hear me speak about how what’s between your ears affects everything. And that is so true!  

With that said, how you set up your home can make a big impact on you too. 

What might you add to your bedroom that makes it more luscious to you?

What might you bring into your living room that makes you feel more peaceful? 

Perhaps it’s a lit candle or some beautiful incense? 

All of these things can influence how you are feeling and how you are feeling affects your love life. 

If you enjoy your home and feel full, when you go out into the world you will be shining and vibing in a lovely way.

Here are some quick tips for enjoying your home:

❤️ Make your home inviting to you. 

❤️ Create a space that warms your heart. 

❤️ Create a love altar. 

❤️ Decorate your bedroom in a way that says, “Hey baby, I’ve been looking for you my whole life!”. 

All kidding aside, feeling good in your home will affect you and the more you can do to enjoy this time of year solo, the more you will be ready for Next Level Love in 2023!

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Much love,

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