Scuba Success- How to Tango with FEAR

tobago pic

Hey!  Happy New Year!  How’s your 2015 so far?

Remember I sent you a story about how scared sh*tless I was of diving – and how it was for me doing it anyway?  Well, I have an update for you…

I did it! I did it I did it! (Imagine me doing the happy dance giggling).  I faced FEAR head on and what a tango it was! Yes, I danced with it, I swayed with it, I bowed to it and it bowed to me.

In the video below, I share my excitement just after the successful dive I did in Tobago.  And I have a SPECIAL treat…a surprise guest on the video so don’t miss out!


Fear can block us from our dreams AND be an amazing resource for us. When we learn to dance with it we can actually access its power.  Let’s face it, it keeps us from harm’s way but sometimes it paralyzes us.  It’s powerful! Can you imagine having your fear be your ally – and not your enemy?

There are ways to embrace it without it crippling you and it is worth learning to tango with it.

This journey to the deep blue sea was amazing for me. I took it step by step, I kept looking inward for guidance, I used all my tools to stay strong, focused and energized – and at the end of the day, I owned my fear and it became my partner.

I was able to move with it in a way that honored my heart’s journey and it kept me safe.

Whatever you are wanting for your life it’s yours for the taking, and Fear doesn’t have to be your enemy.

So check out the video below. Enjoy my special guest and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



P.S.  If you’re new to the list, catch up here about the wild ride I have had!



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