Ready to take a chance?

Are you ready to have a big aha moment? This blog might be a game-changer. Seriously.

I want to talk to you about taking chances and why you sometimes hold yourself back. AND I want to help you have a breakthrough.

There is a reason you’re stuck and if you want to invite in a new love or call in something different into your life successfully, read on.

So why do you hold yourself back? Well, the simple answer is fear and I know you know that.

The real question is what are you afraid might happen if you actually go for your dreams?

So let’s do something right now to help you get some clarity around risk-taking because at the end of the day, how you view risk is calling your shots.

Then we’ll look at your fear and see what is really getting in your way of the life you desire.

Here’s an exercise I just did in my master class…(and if you want to see the whole master class, click here)

☀️Take a moment and think about a time in your life that you took a chance on something, big or small, and you stepped out and took a chance on something.

☀️Now think of a time you made a mistake. And a mistake is something that when you look back at it, you wished you did something differently because the outcome wasn’t what you had hoped for.

☀️Now take a blank paper and put a line down the middle creating two columns. One titled Taking a Chance and the other Making a Mistake.

☀️ And with your experiences from the past still fresh in your mind, write down your beliefs about taking chances and making mistakes. Under Taking a Chance column, brainstorm the meaning you give to it. And then do the same for Making a Mistake.

Some of the likely themes under Taking a Chance might be:

  • Venturing into the unknown
  • Risk-taking
  • Being courageous
  • Being adventurous

And under Making a Mistake the likely themes are:

  • A bad outcome
  • Experiencing failure
  • Making a blunder
  • Being at fault
  • Committing a faux pas

Here are some important questions to ask yourself:

  1. What link do you see between the two phrases – Taking a Chance and Making a Mistake?
  2. Where do you think you focus your time and energy most? On Taking a Chance or Making a Mistake?
  3. How does your concern about making mistakes impact your willingness to take chances?

Just taking some time to look at your relationship at these two concepts gives you a big clue at how you view life.

If you are running a lot of fear about making a mistake, you will most likely will stay put. If you are more comfortable at taking a chance and see the value in it, you are more likely to take more risks.

BUT, if you have not explored why you are so scared about making the faux pas and haven’t cleaned up the past unconscious beliefs about getting hurt, you’re bound to be on high alert and that will hold you back.

You need to drill down and see what your fears are.

In your conscious mind you’re thinking, I want this! I’m ready. Bring it on!

BUT if in your unconscious mind you’re feeling undeserving or the past experiences have you believing you can get hurt if you take a new step forward, guess what? You will sabotage yourself.

Take some time to digest the exercise you just did and begin to think about the fears you have about actually getting what you want.

Another email will follow shortly where I will help you have a shift with your risk-taking and get you some movement.

Much love, Junie

PS: Let me know what you discover about your taking chances exercise!

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