With warmer weather and longer days, it’s safe to say that Spring is well on her way!

Spring has Sprung
The Grass is here
What will you grow in your garden this year?

It’s also the perfect time of year to start thinking about your “Love Garden” and what delicious seeds you want to plant. When it comes to love there are many seeds to sow, but which seeds do you need to cultivate to get magnificent love?

3 Seeds to Cultivate for Magnificent Love

1. Confidence.  Evaluate where your level of confidence is at presently.  When confidence is high, you can put yourself out there in the most magical ways and radiate and shine your light. Cultivating confidence allows you to feel good about where you are in life, and that allows you to shine in your profile, shine in your dating, and shine in your texting because you’re coming from a place of radiance.

Are you are feeling:

  • good about who you are?
  • comfortable in your own skin?
  • worthy and deserving of love?

Or is your pesky inner critic blocking your little seed from achieving real growth potential?

In order to blossom and have a thriving Love Garden, you need to work on upping your self-confidence, weed out anything that is keeping your seed from sprouting, and know your true worth!

2. Clarity.  It’s time to get really clear about who you want, not who you don’t!  Remember, if you can imagine it…you can get it! So, make decisions about what to plant in your love garden with absolute clarity, so you don’t end up with the same noxious weeds of the past.

Get very clear about:

  • Who you are now
  • What you want in a relationship for yourself
  • Who you want to have join you in your life

3. Commitment. Once you feel worthy and you have clarity, if you want to see love’s bounty from your garden, then next you have to take some action! And, really commit to that action, whether it’s writing a profile, telling your friends and family that you’re ready to date, or going online to meet people.

Plant that seed of commitment and follow-through, so that you really can have that Successful Garden with lots of beautiful things planted and a very new love life.

But, like in any garden…the condition of the soil must be fertile in your Love Garden if you want a healthy, new, baggage-free relationship.

What seed has been challenging you the most?

  • Are you too busy to plant the seeds?
  • Do you need more confidence?
  • What are your deal breakers and dealmakers?
  • Are you struggling with finding clarity about what you want to grow?
  • How ready and committed are you now to properly tend to your garden?

When your heart is ready and you plant those seeds, your magical garden of love will begin to germinate and grow. Fulfillment and joy and happiness will begin to sprout out of the darkness and up towards the light.  And, burst forth out of your heart abounding in full bloom!

If you want Next Level Magnificent Love, you must have all three of these seeds planted in your Garden of Love to cultivate and nourish.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”
 Audrey Hepburn

Happy planting!

Love always,
Junie Moon

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