Now what?!….

I don’t know about you but I’m on FIRE!!!  I set some pretty hefty goals for 2020 and wow, things are happening.  How’s it going for you? You on track for what (or who) you want to call in for 2020?

It’s an amazing thing when you set an intention and then have the follow-through.

So why is it that we lose traction?

There is a huge reason and I share it in my recent Facebook Live. Click here to watch.

For many years I started the year with some big desire for some big kind of change. Soon out the gate, I lost my steam and then found myself at another December 31st, with another year gone by without coming close to my intentions being fulfilled. Relate?

I hear this a lot in my coaching practice. People say they want a great relationship and yet things happen…they block themselves and poof, another year goes by and Valentine’s day is back with having no one to share it with.

It hurts…

It’s disappointing…

There is a reason and it’s all about WHY you want the new partner, the weight loss, the better job, the fill in the blank_______.

Without a clear, deep understanding of the impact, this new (relationship/job/body) is going to have on your life, you are not viscerally connected to it.

Just thinking of what you want to call in is not enough to actually get it. There are love blocks and other blind spots that hold you back and have you sabotage, year after year, the very things you want.

Let’s not have that happen to you this year. Let’s change it

Right now, I invite you to take out a piece of paper and write down 1 thing you want in 2020. Then take some time to write out your why.

Why do you want it? How will it enhance your life? You must deeply want it to commit to it or it will not happen. I know you know this. Now it’s time to do something about it.  Something must change or everything stays the same.

To your success in all endeavors in 2020, Junie

P.S. Tell me the one thing you want? I’d love to know!

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