How to move from fearful to fearless

Here is a story I know you will get a kick out of AND learn something really awesome so you can move from feeling fearful to feeling fearless.

My honey and I had just arrived in Tobago for our vacation. We were escorted to our lovely efficiency apartment. We unpacked, got cozy and began to unwind from a long day’s journey on a very nauseating ferry ride.

It was a lovely room, clean and spacious BUT something soon would rock my world. (Scary music playing in the background…)

Greg, my honey wanted to make some tea. He went to the kitchen and began to search for a pan to boil the water and then made a “whoa” sound which stirred me.

“What happened? “ I said.
“Well…….there is a bug”

And with that, a humongous German cockroach scurried across the floor. Greg was fine but I screamed and jumped on the bed. Holy sh#$! It was gross – and totally not okay to have in my room.

So he began to track it down to get rid of it (my hero) but had no luck. That critter was fast and a greater hider.

What to do?

Well feeling scared an entire night was not gonna fly. The owner of the facility was not around so I had to do something.

But what?

I decided to change how I viewed the bug. If it was staying for the evening, it would now be called my pet Charlie. Yes, I named it! And from that moment on, it was funny. I was not scared. In fact, for the rest of our trip, I would wonder how Charlie was, since I never saw him again!

Changing the meaning of our thoughts change everything. Thinking Charlie was a gross big bug that might jump out at me totally messed with my head. But, if he was my pet and even had a name, then he was not so scary.

Whatever you fear, you can remedy that fear by choosing something else to focus on or change the meaning of it entirely.

For example…

Thought: People will judge me and not say yes to me when I offer my services? Feeling: low self-esteem, fear of not being liked, fear of failure

Changed thought: People will love what I have to offer because my product rocks and I want them to know how it will benefit them.

Feeling: excitement, joy, focus and fearlessness because you are focusing on something that makes you happy and that can help others.

This is one possible way to move from feeling paralyzing fear to feeling fearless AND I know oh so well that old wiring from the past can wreak havoc on our emotional life in the present. Sometimes just changing our thoughts ain’t enough and the old belief systems need to be transformed. This is a start – a tool for you to use when you need to change how you feel in the moment.

Folks, it’s not about getting rid of the fear but learning how to manage it.

First step to any transformation is to become aware. Keep noticing your feelings. Notice your thoughts and decide your next steps. Fear can take away your joy. It can squash your dreams. Or it can be an invitation to a dance that can bring you new options creating massive fulfillment.

Be present and listen to your thoughts. Feel what is happening in your body and then you have the power to make new choices for yourself.

Love Junie

PS: Please let me know what you think about this story by commenting below.

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