More healing, really?

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Ah, another healing opportunity.

I just had one pop up and say “Hey Junie, I’m still here! Nah Nah Nananana!” And to my credit, I believe, I said bring it on!!!

That’s what happened last week when I was being videotaped for The Relationship Goddess show.

I knew I was going to be up against some of my old shit. I knew the moment I said yes I was going to be videotaped next to a very petite woman and that I would have my arms exposed… on film, which adds weight instead of taking it off!

I had some scary thoughts running through my head like “How will I look next to her?” “Will anyone listen to what I have to say if they see I am not a super model with tight thin arms?” You know, the thoughts many of us women have in this culture of feeling not good enough by how we look to others. I am so sick of the old stories in my head around my body and my worth. And, I saw how far I had come by what happened next.

I knew it was summer and the idea of “hiding” my jiggly 51 year old arms with long sleeves, ha ha ha, was not an option. There was a choice to make-to do the show or hide. I am done hiding. I have a message. I have a voice. I have value – and dammit, I will not be stopped by a small feeling of inadequacy.

Click here to go right to the video or keep reading cause there is more juicy stuff below…

What might you be hiding? Are you sick of it?

I needed to do the dance once again with my fear of being seen. I chose not to shove it away. I chose to look at this old monster once again. These messages of “you’re not good enough” used to take me out of the game. I used to be devoured by these self-deprecating voices.

The voices are much more quiet now as if under water or from a far, far away place. They are not screaming in my head making feel out of control. I hear them but I am not crushed.

The demon reared its ugly head…a bit. I saw it. I felt it and then something powerful took over. My truth! A deep knowing. I am not my arms! I am not my body. I am Spirit and I am shining my light.

It wasn’t completely a smooth ride. There were moments of feeling exposed and I had some discomfort. And, this is what it means to be a human being. To feel things. That is a good thing! But the days of having it stop me from living fully are O-V-E-R.

I rose above the B.S.(belief systems) that used to run my life show because I can. Now I see things I couldn’t see when I was younger. I am so grateful for the transformational journey and sharing it with others.

Might you have some old B.S. that are still calling the shots? What would your life look like if they were less of those in your face?

Watch the show. Let me know what you think…not about my arms but what I have to say. lol

From my heart to yours,
Junie Moon

PS: Know anyone who struggles with self-image? Feel free to share this.

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