I had a meltdown…needing some love

Sometimes life feels hard, ya know? I had “one of those days” recently.

I share this with you because it helps to know you’re not alone and there are simple yet profound ways to HANDLE the Fukushima’s in your life.

Thankfully it wasn’t as disastrous as a nuclear melt down, but it could have been if I didn’t take the necessary precautions.

If I hadn’t become aware of my potentially harmful inner situation, my personal nuclear meltdown could’ve had me over-eating, snapping at my beloveds, and the horrible, negative self-talk would have left me feeling awful.

My past used to be like that until I learned there was a much better way to live! There are tools to support and guide you to healthier resolutions.

That’s what it’s all about, taking important conscious steps to maintain a healthy internal environment.

So what happened?

It was a combination of things. I’ll spare you the details but share that on this particular day EVERYTHING felt messy, overwhelming, unfinished, and just NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

My book is ALMOST finished, my new food plan has JUST begun, my new coaching program is PARTIALLY designed, my back pain is GETTING better and the list goes on.

It felt like I was moving forward in everything and getting nowhere at the same time and I felt my anxiety build. Can you relate?

What can you do?

Well, as I always say, awareness is key. Once you notice the uncomfortable clues, like your body not feeling grounded or peaceful or in pain, listen.

So I listened. I stopped, went inside and asked myself, why am I feeling so stressed? I heard my mind say: You have to go faster and get things done! You’re running out of time and life is slipping through your fingers!

This dialogue wasn’t new to me. It’s my old programing and it was rearing its ugly head. The cool thing is I know how to slay this dragon.

I know underneath this thought of time scarcity is my fear of not being good enough and falling short. This was my Risk Manager calling forth my pusher part to get things done so I don’t have to risk “failing”. It was looking out for me, but its strategy was causing me more pain and slowing me down, NOT helping.

My next steps were crucial in disarming this pushy fire-breathing dragon.

You know that saying stop, drop and roll? Well there was a fire so I:

  • Stopped
  • Dropped (I went into my body, felt the discomfort, gave it a voice, listened, looked at my thoughts and dropped deeper into my feeling place)
  • And rolled (in this case I curled up into a ball and had myself a really good cry)

By connecting to my feelings, I had a deeper understanding of why I was anxious. I was working so hard and I was scared I might make mistakes and my world would implode!

I held myself, breathed and allowed compassion to flow in. I felt love for myself. I held myself and remembered all is happening for my unfolding; and things were happening in spirit’s time not mine. I surrendered and welcomed the Divine in…

THEN I did a Shadow Work® process…

I talked to my Risk Manager. I let it see how this was not working and if it really wanted to keep me from pain, it needed to help me get organized and focused. Don’t stress me out more!

(You can learn how to do this exercise in my FREE eBook: “How to Tame Your Inner Critic”. Click here to grab it)

Your Inner Critic, AKA your Risk Manager, can be trained.

Once I was able to get clearer about my situation, I put out the fire.

I also hired a new business coach to get help. Getting help is so key. I don’t know everything. I need someone to shine their wise flashlight into my dark holes of confusion to get me the clarity to be successful.

Are you getting the support you need? I ask this because I care about you. I know how sucky it is to struggle alone. Been there, done that. Never again!

  • Take a peek at the eBook. Click here to grab it. It’s a great resource to help you get clearer, get inner relief and move yourself forward.

You deserve happiness, fulfillment and peace!

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In the meantime, stop, drop and roll!!!
Much love, Junie Moon

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