I Made a Huge Mistake and I Almost Puked! Seriously…

I made a huge mistake. I didn’t realize it at the time, but days later, when I was restarting my computer; I saw an open document that I used in an email, and I had an OMG! typo in it. 
I quickly looked at my email praying I had caught the horrible mistake before pressing “send”. No go. I sent it! Geez!

This was an email written to a very famous person who I was asking for a testimonial for my book.

I was emailing Marianne Williamson. She had performed my wedding ceremony 24 years ago. I don’t have a present relationship with her but I thought, heck, let me reach out and let her know about my transformational work & my new book. Why not?

And so I wrote this email and guess what the typo was? Her friggin’ name!

Dear Marainne!!!!!!! Seriously. I almost puked. Then I felt the shame. I heard the voice, “How could you be so stupid!”

Yep, I was not kind to myself. I didn’t tell anyone about it for 2 days. I needed to process it and truthfully, I was scared of other people’s judgment. But then…

Since I know holding shame in makes it feel 10 times worse, I found a friend who I knew would receive me the way I needed to be received. Then I told another friend. And then another and now you all!

Yep, it was a doozy. But really, was it? It’s only a doozy if I let it take hold of my heart and suck the life out of me. It was time to release it, let myself off the hook and give the experience back out to the universe.

How did this happen? Why did this happen? Who knows? I did write her again telling her about my big oops and shared my journey of embarrassment to what now is deep compassion. I blamed the whole thing on my menopausal insomnia, which is wreaking havoc on my brain.

I am so sleep deprived. I hope she laughed. I hope she receives the note and can see past the mistake.

Junie, I’m sure you can’t relate and have never made a mistake or beaten yourself up after a big oops, right?

The cool thing is, my new book that’s being released in September is all about how to love our whole self. I used my skills to love myself and embrace my humanness and now share my blunder with you.

So, tell me, how do you handle the big “mistakes” in your life?

  • Do you have compassion for yourself?
  • Do you Beat yourself up and then have an orgy with Ben and Jerry?
  • Do you reach out to supportive friends who help you see you’re beautiful no matter what?

I hope you release the shame and move on. Holding it in is torture and can really mess you up in so many ways. You deserve better and at the end of the day, humans do silly things. It helps us learn, grow and shine our brilliant selves.

I will be doing a bunch of Facebook lives as we approach my book release. I will be sharing different chapter topics and will be chatting live with those that attend.

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Much love to you on your human journey, Junie Moon

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