I am in LOVE!!!!!

I am in LOVE!!!!

With me!  O.K. you might be wondering why I would share this with you? Well, why not?  Might you judge me for being a narcissist?  I am willing to take that risk cause I know it is healthy love! How many of you have really taken the time to see how amazing you are? I really get a kick out of myself. I like me and I love me.  When I step back and see my heart, my light, my values, my quirkiness, and what I have accomplished in my life, I can’t help but love me. And yet there were times, many in fact, that I hated myself.   I hated how I closed myself off to people out of fear. How I was so uncomfortable in my own skin which kept me from joy and fun. I hated how I limited myself because if I really went for what I wanted I might fail or even worse disappoint others.  The list goes on. Through my personal growth journey, I came home to the truth of who I really am and now I can say without being embarrassed that I am amazing. That is what shadow work has done for me. So how bout it? You wanna fall in love? Check out the shadow work weekend coming up. There is still room!!!  Go to the workshop page for details.

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