When in the land of funk, be funky

I was in a funk and made a very cool, funny video that I posted on Facebook and I figured I would share with you too. I guess I shocked a few people but mostly, people loved it. 

What’s a girl to do when in a funk? Well, when in the land of funk, get funky

There are some days that just don’t go according to plan. You have your good intentions, you’ve made your “to do” lists, the calendar is filled and then boom, life happens. Especially during the holidays, there are so many things happening. It’s not ideal when a curve ball comes! It can truly set you off course. It did me! 

The other day, things did not turn out the way I had wanted. I had my day planned. I had coaching appointments, my scheduled meeting with my marketing guy to discuss next year’s strategies, and I even was a guest on a The “Gift of Healing Show” with Sara Jane. 

The day was going great and just when I began to really focus and get things done, I had to stop and leave. After my meeting with my super duper web/marketing guy, my head was swirling with ideas that wanted to be acted on and ugh, I had to stop. 

I had a plan and it all got turned around

My mom had taken a fall earlier this week, got pretty beaten up, broke her wrist, and needed help.

First let me say how grateful I am that she’s ok. It could have been so much worse and she is just amazing. Here she is beaten up and broken and she is cracking jokes and being the lovely, bright light she always is. What a great role model. How lucky I am she is my mom and I get the honor of taking care of her and spending time with her. 

BUT in addition to feeling deep gratitude, I was also having a pity party because my to do list was long and my inner pusher voice in my head continued to badger me, telling me I was so far behind and not doing enough.

There is a saying that we plan and God laughs. How true that was today. 

After helping mom out, it was late in the day. I was tired and the last thing I wanted to do was work. Even though I love what I do, I was not in the zone to write. (FYI, I am writing a book about my healing journey and the power of doing Shadow Work®. To be released next year, wahoo!)

So what did I do? I chose to have a pity party. I called my boyfriend to do a download of my poor me story. My “make shit happen self” was worn out and I didn’t feel inspired or excited to jump back into the light, so I crashed.

I dropped into the energy of my little girl and he held me. I needed support. I needed to be listened to and cared for and seen, and that’s exactly what he did. He didn’t try to fix me. He created the place for me to sink down into my feelings and get the loving I needed. 

Then he did a very cool thing, he blessed me for what I had done- for taking care of my mom. He then encouraged me to do some writing, even if for just an hour.

He was my falconer. I was taken care of, my wings stroked and then encouraged to fly once again. 

And then I made my “How to turn funk into funky video”. Scroll down to get the link but first read on first about the power of connecting to your inner sovereign self. 

Now, I was lucky to have this man there when I needed the support, but that isn’t always the case. There are times when I am alone. There are times when you are alone and need the support. 

Good news! You and I always have someone! 

In Shadow Work®, we call it your Sovereign. This is the part that knows your worth. This is the part that can hold you, bless you and tell you that you are not alone and that you are perfect just as you are and all will be fine. 

In our culture, feeling sadness or showing weakness can be judged harshly and we are told to move on, stop feeling. 

By pushing away your feelings, you do such a disservice to your spirit. You must embrace your truth and share it with others. That is what creates intimacy. That is how we connect. That is how we stay healthy. 

It’s when we stifle our truest essence; there is a high cost. You need to allow yourself to experience the pain of loss, or hurt, or exhaustion or whatever it is you are feeling from your hard day. 

There is nothing wrong with feeling sad or even having the pity party. It’s when you get stuck it can be problematic. So I allowed myself to drop into my truth and he listened. And then I made the video and had a blast.

If you want to connect to your Sovereign Self, you can do it right now. Think of a person you know who loves you and can support you. Someone or something that can give you the unconditional love you need. It can be made up too like your guardian angel. And then, have a conversation with it. 

Grab a notebook and literally speak to it. Ask it to help you. 

An example:
Dear angel, I am feeling lost and hurt and tired. I feel sad and I have nothing left in me. Can you help?

And then listen with your deep listening ears to hear what it has to offer you. You might be very surprised. 

There is a whole Shadow Work® process I do with my clients to call in their Sovereign Self but journaling and dialoguing is a great start and tool. So try it. If you have any questions, give me a call. 

Hoping your holiday season does not have too many curve balls, Junie Moon

CLICK HERE to see how I went from Funk to Funky Video… and wait for the transformation…not to be missed. 


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