Junie, what do you see?

Nothing? Blank space?

Possibilities galore? Space to create anything?

What’s the right answer? Whichever you choose, really.

How does the empty white board feel to you? Does it have you feel some fear? Do you feel afraid when you don’t know what’s next?Does it excite you, because in your gut, you know that anything is possible and it’s just a matter of the choices you make?

I have had this white board “empty” for quite a while now. It has been staring me down for months, taunting me, teasing me, pushing me to write something, to plan anything, to take action….and to dream…and I left it blank for a very good reason.

In May, it was filled to the brim. Then I erased it! I have a million and one ideas I could write on the board right now that would have my schedule and bank account filled in a heartbeat, but I made a conscious choice to keep it blank. I want to breathe into my next steps…After I moved this past May, I chose to slow down and allow the universe to guide me more than I had allowed in the past. These last few years have been “pedal to the metal”. Post divorce and my kid leaving, I dove deep into designing my new life and it’s been great, a bit scary AND non-stop. So with this last move, I decided to shift, go inward and ask myself what is in alignment with my soul purpose in life.

Some of the questions I asked, you might want to ask yourself as well:

  •  Where am I truly being led?
  •  How can I serve in a bigger way?
  •  And who do I want to hang with on this journey?

You see, I was not fully coming from a place of trusting the universe’s plan. I had a strong case of controlitis and it was all about “getting the show on the road, crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s, getting stable and manifesting abundance as fast as I could! Sound familiar?

Fear can do that. It can make us figure shit out quickly and make us act before we have all the information. Maybe before we are truly ready to make a move.

Don’t get me wrong, I have listened with my heart for Spirit’s guidance, like when I knew to make my “Shed the Shame” film. That message was clear as could be and I am so grateful I heard it and acted (over 8500 people have seen it and I still can’t believe the amazing impact it continues to have).

But I have also allowed my mind to take me for strolls that led me astray because I felt afraid. All good because I have learned a lot. But now… the white board.

Have you ever taken some good solid time to reflect on what’s next for you? Have you sunk in deeply to assess what is for your highest and best and acted accordingly? I have given myself this precious gift.

As I enter the Fall season I have chosen differently.
I have a bunch of cool events planned but I also have a lot of white space for the mystery to unfold. It’s thrilling, like getting on a new ride at Disney and you don’t know what magic is coming.

The thing is, when you allow the mystery to unfold, sometimes human emotions kick in and your mind can freak a bit… And that can cause some anxiety, doubt and even physical pain…my back has been hurting and I hear its calling.

What to do?

Support! I looked to my team. My wise friends, my body workers, my coach, and the quiet of my home to stop and sit in meditation.

A dear friend encouraged me to write one word on the board…

Good one!

My heart is overflowing with joy and wonder. And I also am feeling the vulnerability that comes with change. I have learned how to dance with fear without it sucking the life out of my soul. I can be happy and feel scared at the same time. Amazing.

How do you handle fear? Are you able to ride the waves and continue to move in an empowered, healthy way or do the creepy crawly thoughts debilitate you?

Starting fresh can have fear bubble up and can have a big cost on your life. Beginning again, whether in love or business, can be exhilarating if you can put your hands up in the air like being on a rollercoaster and allow the universe to take you for your life’s ride. There are tools that can help you do that. For me shadow work® has given me that tool. It’s a remarkable body of work that helps you feel deserving, safe and inspired to move ahead even when you wanna hide because you feel like a fish out of water.

If you are starting fresh and have that metaphoric white board, and need come coaching to support you, I have room in my practice for a few more clients. That’s the great thing about a white board, there’s room for cool, dedicated, ready to rock their life clients who are desiring the coaching I provide. Is that you?

Seeing the empty white board has been interesting. There have been some moments I find myself wanting to push my way into a next step, but I keep stopping myself and trusting it will all flow soon. I have a tendency to go fast and keep busy, which then has me act compulsively. Most of the time it’s all good and I learn a heck of a lot as I jump into the new arenas. But I also have not created enough quiet, reflective time to deeply listen. To really receive the universal download of what’s next for Junie moon.

There is no perfect way to do this thing called life but I do know, there are better ways then some and deep listening to your soul’s calling is a very powerful way to live. Might you want to learn more?

Click here for a Discovery Session. It’s complimentary and waiting for you if you are ready to step strongly and joyfully
into your next chapter.
Much Love, Junie Moon
Junie Moon Schreiber
Inner Critic Tamer & Self-Love Expert

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