It’s me Jasper, and boy, do I have a story to tell you!

Woof!!! I don’t woof to just anyone but my amazing owner Junie Moon thought my woof message might help you take your love life to the next level. Woof!!!

So recently, you might have seen Junie post about my mishap that had me end up in the cone of shame. Yep, I had to wear that friggin’ cone for 3 weeks! I looked ridiculous, see?

It was horrible. Woof. People pointed at me, stared at me and worst of all laughed at me! Not exactly the peaceful dog walk I was accustomed to.

You might be wondering what this has to do with you and your love life? Well, I noticed when I focused on other things, like being fed or going out to sniff the neighborhood, I forgot about the cone. Like for realz!

Woof! It was crazy. One moment I was feeling like such a loser that no one loved and the next I was prancing along with Junie in smell heaven.

Ok, there were moments that felt really sucky. I remember when she first put that stupid thing on my head, I wouldn’t even move. Every time I did, I’d bump into a wall and it would scare the shit out of me. I learned that movement was risky.

I’m getting to the love message, wait for it…

So one day, I was just done! I felt so sorry for myself and I stayed at the top of the stairs refusing to come down. Too much risk to move, but then Junie said the magic words, “Let’s go out!” and lo and behold, I ran down the stairs in a moment’s time.

Woof. I totally forgot I was scared and my “poor me” drama melted away.

Here comes the potent message. Woof.

  • Do you have a love drama that you’re telling yourself over and over that has you feeling alone, defeated, scared or just numb?
  • Are you scared of opening up to a new relationship or deepening the one you have because you have been hurt in the past too?
  • Is there a tape playing in your head saying things like: “I’m too old for this relationship thing. Who’s gonna love me at this age and in this body”
  • OR another tape that just has your heart on lockdown and you feel totally blocked from opening back up to connecting with another?

I get it. When you’ve been hurt, you need to heal AND it can feel really risky to open up again.

I had the cone. You have your version of a cone!!! What is it? What holds you back from relaxing with a lover and letting them in? Or calling in a new relationship? Did you have your heart stomped on?

I gotta tell ya, when my focus changed to going outside, I totally forgot about the cone. Woof. When I stopped all the chatter in my head that had me scared and focused on the walk, I was golden.

So, it was easy for me cause, well, I’m a dog. Woof. For you, you’re up against years of programming that can really have you running for the hills, away from love.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Junie is an amazing coach and she can help you break through your fear and reopen your heart in a safe way. She can give you new tools that allow you to access more love for yourself and others, and gives you the opportunity to connect more deeply with those you engage with.

When you shift your old thought patterns, you get can relax and trust again. Woof!

You need to start somewhere. For me, woof, it was noticing my fear. I was an unhappy camper with that cone on. But I also remembered my love for the outdoors.

You can do this. You can shift and heal the fearful thought patterns and embrace what Junie calls Next Level Love. A new kinda love where you can just be you and feel the freedom inside of not trying so hard. A love where you don’t abandon who you are in the name of keeping the peace.

So, slow and steady my dear, and be gentle with yourself. There’s still learning and growing to be had for you and me both!

Much love to you, Junie

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