It’s been tough…

Full disclosure…I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. Life has felt hard and these past few weeks have been especially difficult.

November 7th was the seven-year anniversary of when my son left. Sadly we are still estranged and it hurts deeply.  He’s doing well so I’m grateful, but I miss him terribly and I just wish things were different. It’s a loss for sure and my hope is he comes around someday.

I also lost a dear friend. Crazy times for sure when dear ones leave the planet.

And to top it off, it’s friggin’ cold and the days are getting shorter. I am reminded that the year is ending and I have mixed feelings about this moment of time in my life.

I am reflecting about what I like about my life and what I don’t like. I am looking at what I want more of and what I don’t at all.

Sadness has been creeping in more than usual… and I am listening, feeling and making moves.

In the most recent FB live I speak about my inner journey and offer 3 STEPS TO TAKE WHEN YOU WANT TO FEEL BETTER. Click here to watch

The Cliff Notes…

  • Go within. Listen to your heart’s calling and ask yourself what do you need.
  • Take a step. When you don’t allow yourself to move, you can feel like you are imploding. Emotions have a way of taking over and it can feel like quicksand is devouring you whole. Think about one move you can make, even if it’s a small move like making a phone call and do it. Take one step and you will surely feel differently.
  • Don’t push yourself. Sometimes the inclination is to jump out of the emotion and push to do something that you aren’t ready to do. Be kind to yourself. Go back to step one and listen deeply so you make a move that is in alignment with deep self-care.

Especially during this holiday season, listen deeply to what you need. Take time to relax and give to yourself. It’s so easy to focus on others and you need to allow time to regroup, reflect and love yourself.

Many blessings to you, Junie

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