I Quit!


There are times I wonder, “What the heck am I doing with my work? Am I making a difference? Am I wasting my life and money for a dream that can’t be manifest? I should quit!”

I love what I do. I believe so strongly in the power of transformation from shadow work, BUT… my inner critic can pop up and have me doubt my value. It says things like:

  • Other people know more than you!
  • You don’t really have what it takes to be a speaker on the “big stage”.
  • You’re nowhere near where you want to be and it’ll take     forever so just give up!
  • Working at Starbucks can’t be that bad!

And in these moments, everything feels hard and unattainable. Ever feel that? Like your efforts don’t matter? That you don’t matter?

After my book release and its success I felt great. I had accomplished something I never thought possible. I wrote a friggin’ book! Holy Shit!

And yet, the “Now what?” voice kicked in. I began to question my next steps and I heard a voice in my head: In this world with so many personal growth speakers, is there a place for you? What do you have to offer?

I know that voice. It is trying to keep me from falling flat on my back and getting disappointed.

Luckily, I know how to deal with the voice that tries to stop me.

I honored that part. It was strategizing to keep me safe. Then I enrolled my healthy Magician Self to get a clear strategy. Then I invited my Sovereign Self to bless me and support my vision. I then connected to my Lover Self, my little girl, and took care of her so she wasn’t so scared. And then I got my Warrior Self to set some healthy limits with my timeline. My to do list was cray cray!

These parts and how to access them are in the book. Click here if you still need a copy…

Another cool thing happened…

Just when you need a little TLC from the universe, angels appear.

I got a message from my mom that truly had me feel soul kissed.

A friend of hers expressed how much she was getting from the book and said things that really touched me. Her words were a great reminder that in addition to knowing shadow work, I bring my own special Junie Moon sauce.

Do you realize you have your own special sauce that you bring to the table of life?

I am lucky to have had that message. You may not  have people reminding you how special you are. I want to right now.

You matter. You are special. You are unique and there is no one like you. Seriously! Take a moment and breathe this message in. Remind yourself that you matter. You make a difference.

I am happy these are fleeting moments of fear and that my inner critic’s volume is way lower than the past. I still can feel the hit of my not-good-enough-itis kicking in and the story doesn’t have to end there.

If you have a mean inner voice that has you question your brilliance, beauty and spark, I invite you to engage with your Inner Sovereign and get that Inner Critic to chill out!

I just posted a new FREE 4 Part Video Series on my website to help you connect to all these powerful parts that live within you. Click here to grab it.

Much love to you,

Junie Moon

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