I am head over heels in love!


Today, my heart stirred. I felt a rush. Every piece of music Pandora played confirmed it. I am deeply in love. Yes, Deeply. Head over heals and feeling my heart sing with joy beyond anything I could have imagined. Who is this lucky person? Who has won my heart over and has my deepest commitment for life? Me! Me! Me!

I often speak of my life’s challenges with you and share how I am able to dance among my tears. I have offered my journey to you – the strategies I use to embrace my heart ache so that I get to live big and authentically in spite of the pain. I let you into my life in hopes that you too can find some peace among the chaos with some of the tools I offer to you.

Today I want to share the most precious of strategies and to let you in on a secret, where my heart lives most of the time- in ecstasy.

Today, I was “on task” doing my morning routine when I was pulled toward a song playing, Kitaro’s Moon Flower, and tears of joy flowed. I stopped and put my hands on my heart. I breathed. I focused on how grateful I was for this day. I felt the blessing of this new day and that I get to live it as fully as I choose.

I stopped this morning to reflect on what is beautiful. I took the precious moment to love myself and feel the gift of being alive – AND my heart sang.

I invite you into this love affair with yourself. Ask yourself out on a blessing date to reflect upon the gifts of your miraculous life. As with any great relationship, it needs nourishment. So, feed your soul today. Play some music that opens your heart and allow the love to wash over you. Breathe in that joy of being alive. Bring your awareness to this glorious moment. And dance. Dance. Dance. Dance with your soul.

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