I almost gave up… did you?

I was so close to throwing in the towel.

I had an idea to start a cool new group through meetup.com
and after over 5 attempts to get it approved, nothing.

Denied. Denied. Denied.

I thought maybe the universe was telling me it wasn’t a good idea and I should let it go.

But my gut said don’t give up.

So, I changed the wording in the description.

I changed the title.

I called them to find out why the heck I wasn’t approved.

Still no help.

But I persevered and finally got someone to write me back.

Her feedback, though very similar to what I had read in the FAQ section helped me get a bit more clear on how to proceed and then Voila! It worked.

If you want something bad enough, don’t give up.

Listen deeply inside yourself and follow that drive if it’s important to you.

Especially in relationships. Sometimes we hit bumps with our beloveds.

Words are spoken.

Disappointments are experienced.

Shit happens.

Throwing in the towel too soon might mean you miss out on something very special.

It can be tricky for sure. I get it. The whole idea of should I stay or should I go is a very challenging dance.

Whether it’s approval with meetup.com or a loved one who is driving you nuts, there is guidance, support and next steps to take.

The question is how badly do you want it?

Is it worth staying in the fire for?

How important is it to have your desired outcome?

Persevere if you know in your gut that it means something to you.

You just might find a way to get it!!!

With love, it can feel really hard sometimes. You’ve had years of programming that can keep you stuck in bad behaviors that hold you back.

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Much Love To You, Junie

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