How to Open to Love Even When It’s Uncomfortable πŸ’–

Have you ever really wanted something so badly and when you got it you wondered if it was too good to be true?

You start to question it. You start to doubt yourself and maybe even want to run in the opposite direction.

If you’ve been hurt, disappointed, betrayed, and downright confused about how you ended up in some relationships, you may have a really hard time trusting when something is actually the real deal and good for you.

Sister, how good can you stand it?

Every woman wants that Next Level Kinda Love and wonders – is it really possible?Β 

So how do you really allow it in if you are unable to trust and receive it fully?

Check out this latest video here where I share my current dating story and some solid tips for opening to love – even when it’s uncomfortable.

If you’ve learned to be hyper-independent and feel resistance when you really want to let love in, the way through starts with YOU.

Awareness about what’s coming up for you and what is really keeping you from what you want is sooooo important.

The KEY is trusting YOURSELF and that takes doing your inner work.

Watch, breathe, and comment below the video on what your takeaway is. I really want to know!

So much love to you,

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