How to attract a better match

There’s a question I hear so often, “How can I find someone to meet me where I’m at?”

It’s such a great question because in that question is a huge clue. The part of “where I am at ” is uber important.

Where are you at? How are you being?

If you want to meet a man where you’re at then you better be in a place that you want to be met.

Because you have had a lifetime of experiences and relationships that have gone south, you’ve picked up a ton of beliefs around love and partnership. These beliefs can influence how you’re being with prospective partners.

I did a Facebook Live that speaks to this very challenge. Click here to watch.

If you’re in your fear, you will attract a certain type of person. If you’ve done the work to heal past trauma then you’ve raised your vibration and elevated yourself to a more peaceful place.

So guess what?

The people you attract are drawn to how you are being.

If you want someone to be in tune with you, then you must be aware of the tune you’re playing.

If you need a tune-up, lol, reach out to me here. We can look at your present tune, why you’re playing that song and I can give you a mini-plan to help you raise that vibration.

Don’t forget to check out the video and let me know what you think.

Much love,

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