I’ve been thinking a lot lately about hope.

Is hope good to have?

I always thought so until recently I realized hope has a price.

It seems to have a lower frequency than compared to desire and trust as well as believing you can manifest what you want in your life.

Think about something that you hope will happen.

❤️  Maybe you hope a new partner will show up and you can share your life with him.
❤️  Maybe you hope you lose some weight so you can fit into your clothes.
❤️  Maybe you hope to stay healthy.

It all sounds great and yet it may or may not happen right? Hope seems like it’s outside of your control. It seems less active of an energy than I want _____ and I will pray on it, talk to the universe and take some powerful steps to make it happen.

Here is my latest Facebook Live on hope and how you might want to reconsider having hope. I speak about shifting the focus from hope to working with the universe and how that can bring you more joy AND RESULTS in your life. CLICK HERE to watch.

When you think about hoping for an outcome versus accepting where you are now (your reality) and choosing how you want to be, can you feel the difference?

Doesn’t hope feel like you’re giving your power away verses working with the universe and trusting it is unfolding right now for your highest and best.

When you want something, desire something and then call it in, and you take steps to make it happen, doesn’t it feel more possible? Doesn’t it energetically feel way more enjoyable than hoping?

I also see there is a difference between having hope because you see things changing and hoping for something in the future.

It’s great when we see the light at the end of the tunnel. It can catapult you into the future with positivity. Cool.

I think we must distinguish that kind of hope with that longing, hoping kinda thinking.

I know you want to be happy and want to make this next life and love chapter be the best ever so keep an open mind around this topic.

How you use your mind (hoping verses co-creating with the universe) affects how you feel day-to-day. Check out my Facebook Live and let me know what you think.

Junie Moon

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