He lied! Now what?

I think we’ve all been there.

You put yourself out there honestly in the dating world and then you find out your honesty isn’t reciprocated.

Ouch! Dating can be interesting, to say the least…

This was my recent experience with a man I had met online.

When I found out I was lied to (he was 10 years older than his profile!) I was shocked and confused. My initial reaction was to withdraw emotionally, hide my true feelings and protect the person who lied to me! I didn’t want to hurt HIS feelings. OMG!

Can you relate?

I took some time to process things. Should I let it go and see if he brings it up? Ignore it? Say something?

Ultimately, I decided to confront the man directly in a calm and understanding manner about what he had done rather than hiding from it.

Check out my latest video here where I talk about this recent dating experience where I was lied to, what came up for me, and how I handled it.

When faced with a situation like this, it’s important not to bottle up your feelings or ignore them. It’s also not helpful to blame yourself or remain in a state of denial about what actually happened either.

It is important to give him an opportunity to explain himself. Letting him know that you don’t appreciate being misled is also key.

If the issue is serious or it has occurred multiple times, then this could be a sign that this person isn’t right for you and it might be time to re-evaluate the relationship.

Give yourself time to work through your emotions but don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself when necessary and let the person know how their actions have made you feel.

I know confrontation can be hard but it can also be incredibly freeing and provide closure so you can move on with confidence knowing that your voice was heard.

You can do this! ❤️


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