Have you ever been disappointed on your birthday?

I’m sure you’ve been there, friend.

Excited about your birthday (or another special day) and waited for someone to show up big for you, to give you exactly what you wanted…

Only to be disappointed and deflated, again!

Why didn’t they know what you wanted?

I see this often and have been there myself.

Full of unspoken wants, desires, and expectations – hoping someone read my mind or knew just what to do.

Sister, this is a recipe for disaster for you and for the person you have projected your unshared desires onto.

This impacts not only your special day but all areas of your relationship(s).

I’m reminded of an important lesson I learned on my birthday years ago. This powerful lesson really changed not only my birthdays but how I look at asking for what I want and need.

And I want to offer this gift to YOU!

Check out my latest video here where I share a powerful lesson on asking for what you want instead of sitting in expectation and potentially being disappointed.

Here’s what I know for sure… you are more likely to get it than if you didn’t ask for it!

This is a practice of using your voice and building the muscle of asking for your needs to be met.

It is also a practice of claiming your desires fully.

I’d like to emphasize that whether someone is able to give you what you want is not the point here.

This is about you fully owning your wants and being a stand for them.

If you feel resistance, it’s normal! I encourage you to feel it, breathe through it, and do it anyway.

Here’s to you asking exactly for what you desire,

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