Full Disclosure

I  have shared my journey in words with many of you. But I  have not in pictures. I think pictures reveal so much and perhaps that is why it has not happened until now.  Such vulnerability.

You see I struggled with my weight and my self image for most of my life. Being up and down the scale 50 pounds was a common event. And such embarrassment because I knew everyone could see my struggle. One day they are praising me for my accomplishment and how great I look only to see me gain it back and then some! I wore my pain on the outside. There were times I thought my struggle was over, I had lost my weight, I was feeling great and I was never to gain it back. And then slowly, it happened again. The pain was terrible. I felt like such a failure. It cost me deeply

personally and professionally.

 9 1/2 years ago I began a healing journey that has kept off over 45 pounds for  9 1/2 years!!!!!! Sometimes I think it is a miracle I have maintained it for so long but I know better. In January 2004, I said no more. I dug deep into personal growth work & and went to overeaters anonymous. Shadow work was the most amazing tool of all the transformative tools I discovered.  I was finally able to get to the bottom of my pain. To deeply understand why I do what I do and have a way to heal it.  I have learned so much about who I am and have healed so much.  I am not perfect and I am still on the winding road of transformation. I share this with you now because firstly I am not afraid of being seen, well maybe a little!,

 AND I want to help! 

Shadow work changed my life and there is a way for you to find some inner peace and healing if you have any pain inside.

I used food as a drug. It was my friend, my lover, my way of consoling myself, and my way of celebrating. What do you use? What helps ease your pain or helps you feel comfort?  Work, alcohol

sex, television?

If you want to live more fully, heal some of your tender spots and are ready for change, please look at the wonderful opportunities on my website.  And if you know of someone that maybe suffering and need some support, please share this with them. My greatest joy is seeing others find their way home to their highest self.

Thank you for reading. This was not an easy thing for me to share but the risk of being seen was a risk I was willing to take in the name of healing myself and others.

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