I fell down the stairs…ouch!

I fell down the stairs last month… well sort of.

I caught myself before I tumbled all the way down.

I’m ok, but I did get a bit bumped and bruised.

The good news? This is a metaphor of what really happened to me.

I slipped.

I share this in hopes that if you find yourself slipping in some way, you don’t end up at the bottom of the staircase in a heap of pain.

You see my heart was feeling a lot of sadness after my break up. It was the holiday season and frankly, it sucked.

Sugar looked really good to me and I saw it fucking everywhere! I ate more than I usually allow myself.

Sleep looked pretty good also so I took some extra naps.

And yeah, T.V. too. Have you seen I Love Dick? OMG hysterical.

OK I slipped a lot! BUT…

I caught myself before I ended up at 200 pounds again and feeling horrible about myself.

I caught myself before I lost year(s) of my life off the tracks and feeling miserable. I didn’t allow my old patterns of self-sabotage to take over.

So what can you do when you feel like life is a bit too hard and you wanna hide in an old pattern that robs you of a quality life?

The tools my friend. The tools I share in my book Loving the Whole Package.

I watched my actions. I listened to my thoughts. I felt inside my body for clues to what was happening and what I really needed. I stayed awake.

My life is too damn valuable to let go. And so is yours!

My body is too darn important to not take care of. And so is yours!

And my heart, well it needed lots of love and comforting. And so does yours!

So I stayed awake and allowed myself some wiggle room to be kinda messy and I loved myself the whole time through.

I also counted my blessings which are everywhere.

I exercised every day. And not in a frantic, holy shit I am gaining weight work out, but a focused, grounded, take care of my body kinda way.

I have habits that are ingrained after all the personal growth I’ve done.

I had a slip. Not a fall. Not a total crash.

I am grateful for my tools to help me reach out for the banister before I find myself all the way down to the bottom of the staircase and…


So, I want to make you an offer.

Let’s schedule a 30-minute call and look at this New Year you just began and get clear on what you really want to have happen. It’s February, how’s it going?

Let’s talk about what happened last year and let me guide you how to do it differently this year.

This isn’t about me being a cheerleader for you or setting goals. This is about empowered living from the inside.

I’ve opened up 10 spots for the Starting Over Strategy Session over the next couple of weeks, and your name is on one of the spots in pencil.

Click here to put it in ink! Claim your space.

I want you to have this year be everything you are wanting and end it feeling empowered and thrilled to be alive.

You can live with much more ease and grace when your inner critic isn’t beating you up.

Let’s have a quick chat first and see what’s next for you. If we feel it’s a fit, we can discuss your next steps and how this work can offer transformation that sticks. No obligation.

Click here to schedule a call

Next year this time, I want to be celebrating your wins with you! Let’s do it together.

Many Blessings to you,


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