Do this to experience more love!

The month of love is just around the corner! Crazy that January is almost over, right?!!! Mind-blowing to me how time flies.

And speaking of time… it’s time for a check-in.

???? How is your love life feeling?
???? Dormant or alive?
☀️ Lit up or in the ashes?
???? Does your heart feel full? Or because you’re single, are you feeling an emptiness?

Wherever you are, let me just say, it’s ok. You’re ok.

What I hope for you is that you have your own back, your inner self-talk is gentle, and that you are loving yourself up.

The other day I picked the card Star Mother from the “Work Your Light” oracle deck and it really spoke to me.

It inspired me to do a Facebook live in my Find Fabulous Love After 40 Facebook group… to talk about the power and beauty of the mother and how we need to feel full inside to be able to give & receive love.

Click here to watch.

We sometimes forget that we can access and be filled up by the Divine Mother. If we choose to, we can hear her whispers and feel her arms wrapped around us, letting us know we are held, supported and safe.

We sometimes forget that we can parent ourselves with loving words and connect to our own inner wisdom.

We sometimes forget that we can have our own back, lean into the Mother (within or without), and feel solid, grounded and full.

It can be challenging when you have the old negative beliefs flying around in your head telling you not to trust yourself.

It can feel scary to open after betrayal, loss or other experiences that brought about deep sorry and pain.

What I offer to you is that you have access to the Mother to guide and support you. You can lean in and let her hold you.

Click here to watch the Facebook talk I did on the Star Mother card.

May it be a reminder that you can experience extraordinary love with or without a partner.

And so, as you approach Valentine’s day, lean into the heavens above, the earth below, and connect to your heart’s spark within and breathe in the truth – you are loved, cherished, beautiful and whole.

May you continue to open to love as you walk this earth.

So much love to you!!!

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