To Dive or Not to Dive….

SCUBAIn my last blog I shared that this week would be about spiritual mindset, and how we can we have a healthier dance with the “dramas” of our life. And while that is true and I want to share my perspective on that, something else came up I wanted to share first that I know you can relate to.

In August, as many of you know, I had a terrible accident trying to water ski. I am still healing and expect a full recovery. I now have an opportunity to scuba dive in Tobago during New Years and I wonder if I am friggin’ nuts.

I would love to dive. I would love love  love to go under and swim with the beauty that is below the surface. But, I AM STILL SCARED OF THE WATER.  Now what?

I am sharing this because I know I am not alone in feeling the fear toward something I want to experience in my life – new opportunities present themselves all the time and we have to make decisions whether to say yes or no.

Have you ever wanted something important only to find yourself paralyzed with fear and not take action? Did you persevere? Did you stop yourself and wish you could have had a different outcome?

Some voices I hear are: ”Are you an idiot to try another water sport when the last time was a total screw up?”,  “Why take the risk, it isn’t that important!”,  “Things are fine the way they are, take it easy and just accept where you are as good enough. Be thankful you survived the hamstring tear!”.

Yep, lots of messages telling me to skip the scuba and go bird watching instead. But I have another plan for this dilemma.

In the following video I will tell you what my actions are going to be as I decide whether or not to go under the sea.  I will also let you in on my total breakdown during my first scuba lesson. Omg…. The poor  instructor didn’t know what to do with me.

As you watch this, use my diving opportunity as a metaphor for something you want for yourself and are having to make choices as to whether you move on it or not.

And then comment below the video. I would love to hear about your adventures and how you are going about achieving them!



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