To Dive or NOT to Dive…How to Dance with the FEAR

Last week I shared with you how my newest endeavor of learning to scuba dive is pushing some big friggin’ buttons. The main one being FEAR!  And, how the scuba diving can be a metaphor for anything in life.

With each new adventure, different feelings show up –like the fear of failure, fear of not being ready or good enough, fear of disappointing others or in my scuba situation fear of dying – and so there are  choices to make.

Do you move ahead knowing you are in unchartered territory and feeling uncomfortable? Can you trust yourself to make strong, powerful, healthy decisions? Can you find a way to not have your negative self- chatter in your head cut you off at the knees preventing you from success?

Just when you think things are going in a certain direction, life can throw you a curve ball. The one thing we can always count on is change, BUT how we move with the change is our individual dance. So how do you dance with it?

I see our journey as two-fold. There is the human dance and the spiritual one. How the two intersect is where the magic lies and so does our happiness.

Using my scuba analogy again to deepen our explorations of the human/spiritual connection, here is my dance that can be applied to your next adventure.

So the “to dive or not to dive” saga continues.  My second class was just as challenging as the first. I found myself head on with my terror once again. I kept reminding myself to breathe and kept checking in with the part of me that is holding me back.  This part I am calling terror.

We all have these parts that limit us or block us from our goals. What might you name your part that stops you?

“Terror” has my best interest at heart. This part wants to keep me safe.  It keeps stopping me.  It reminds me constantly that this is a new skill and I have to go slowly. I notice my heart beating fast, my mouth getting dry and a welling up of tears because I just do not know if I can go on with this class.  My human dance has me stumbling. Two left fins. But there is more…..

What about the spiritual side of this equation?  If I am feeling fear, I am constricted and not in a flowing state of being. That is never conducive to growth, healing and peace. I can’t enjoy the quiet or the sheer joy of being under the water.   My mind is crazy with thoughts that take away any chance of peace.

Do I believe I am taken care of every step I take? Can I trust that Spirit has my back and this is another piece of my journey?

I believe life happens FOR us not TO us. And so this scuba experience is yet another gateway, a part of my unfolding of letting go and trusting.  When I allow myself to go with the flow, I am much happier and successful. I can breathe with ease under the water. I can breathe easier in life. When I connect to that bigger knowing that nothing truly can happen to me, that  I am an infinite light and spiritual being having a human experience, and that Spirit is providing this experience for me as a life lesson to grow from, I can relax.

I believe we must feel the feelings, honor them, learn from them,  have the inner dialogue with those parts that are creating resistance in our life AND also remember Spirit/God/Higher power is also present guiding us.

How would your life be different if you thought life is happening FOR you not TO you? It’s a whole different story, right?

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And comment below about your dance with fear.

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