Dancing in the eye of the storm…


There is a dance of voices in my head. One voice encourages me to write something thought provoking and supportive so I can help you take flight upward and soar into the highest expression of yourself.

The other voice reminds me that I am in my own vortex of change today so maybe I shouldn’t write at all because I feel challenged in my heart and want to hide under the blankets.


I want to connect with you and let you in…into my unfolding, to share the golden nuggets of my transformation and to share my process that I have found helpful in moving myself along the healing path.

I know you have experienced what I am speaking about, maybe even right now, the metaphorical cocoon of pushing against layers of resistance. Transformation can feel hard, but it doesn’t have to be painful as you break free of the confines of your present situation.

So what works when faced with the walls of fear, doubt and anxiety?

Right now, I am in that cocoon looking for glimmers of light to guide me. In fact, I am pushing the outward layers of the cocoon and it feels a bit rough and also beautiful because I am birthing a new me. The light is piercing stronger and stronger each day yet I find myself fearful at times.

I want things to happen faster and feel easier and I wonder if I will be ok. Can I do this? Will I get to the other side? I take a breath, ahhh, and remind myself that there is a natural unfolding and it is not on my time – but Spirit’s time that all will be revealed.

The first thing I have learned when challenges arise is to bring out the big-ass tool box pronto.

Magical Powerful Tool #1: Remind myself to trust that I am exactly where I need to be. Right here. Right now. Just trusting has allowed me to relax as I take the next steps in my life. It is when I lose that faith and do not trust the process and take over the life control panel that I suffer. Reminder, reminder, reminder. It is a muscle I have worked through the years, to hand over the reins and ride the life waves with my hands up. It helps me a lot. Have you tried to let go and let (fill in the blank)?

I share my journey, as I have always done with you, to let you into my process in hopes that my path can soften your unfolding for I too am unfolding and though difficult at times, it can be glorious. Knowing that what I am experiencing are growing pains helps me remember that I am growing. I am shifting. I am moving closer and closer to the me I want to be- more and more – with each breath I take.

Magical Powerful Tool #2: Sit on meditation cushion. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Just sit. I think of the Stop, Drop and Roll principle. When the fire seems too hot, SDR to survive. So I have been holding my heart as I breath on my cushion, sending myself deep compassion for this new place I find myself in and open to hearing the guidance of the wise ones that speak to me.

Powerful Magical Tool #3: Do not proceed alone. Why? Why isolate? Why tough it out alone. I have reached out to my friends and colleagues and coach. Why hurt alone and why not ask for the support you know will help you move through this time of challenge faster.

I tell people one of my greatest leanings for me has been how to be joyful in the midst of chaos. I believe one of my gifts is teaching people how to dance in the eye of the storm, to honor the teaching of the tsunami, but not become it. My soul purpose here is to lift you up into your greatness and help you be who you are meant to be.

So as I dance in the eye, and hold my heart, I want you to know you do not have to tough it out alone and I am here to serve. For it is in service that I free myself of the biggest of landmines, my crazy thinking about only me and my dance with the tsunami.

Tool#4, find a way to give to another. Selfless service is the number one greatest way to feeling better. When we contribute, we become part of the greater whole and then feel the oneness that can fill up spaces that are in need of love.

I feel better already just having showed up here today writing this piece for you. I hope at least one tool will help you on your life journey. I want you to reach out for support if you are struggling. You do not have to do this dance alone. Click here if you would like to talk about dancing in the eye of the storm. And if you know someone in the storm, please share this with them.

From my heart to yours,
Junie Moon

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