I Crashed and Screamed……

As some of you may know, I had a very bad accident a couple of weeks ago. I tried…(emphasis on tried) to water ski. I am always looking to embrace life fully and push beyond my boundaries of fear, water being one of them. I don’t even feel comfy jumping into a pool. Really!

I had the opportunity to try this lovely sport that looked really cool, and yes – a bit challenging. I weighed out the risks (as I knew them) and decided to go for it. It didn’t work out too well, as I tore my hamstring so badly that I couldn’t walk.

When the accident happened my first thought was “FUCK, THIS IS TOTALLY GONNA MESS WITH MY LIFE!” And I was really scared, thinking about all the things I couldn’t do, the pain I would have to deal with, and the unknown extent of my injury.

But, moments later I had another thought,“I wonder what gifts will be coming? What will I learn and how will this enhance my life?” 

Here I am on my journey back to wellness – with a severely torn hamstring.  But, this writing is not about my defeat – but my triumph and the triumphs that await YOU!

I do not regret my choice. In fact I am so proud of myself for risking something that scared me.  I chose to have an experience. I did my best and well, it didn’t work out the way I had planned.  I gave it my all and so be it.

Is there something that scares YOU in your life that holds you back in some way?  Have you assessed the risks in moving forward and the risks if you don’t?

My last two weeks have been a challenge and I am meeting these challenges with the tools of life I have acquired through my years of transformational growth work.  I’m getting even more of an opportunity to practice the same tools I give to my clients, and have even more compassion for how it feels to be stuck.

I’m also in touch with how much courage my clients have to have to step forward and want to heal themselves when they are in pain.  It can be hard to do.

You see, I could see this as a setback.  Most people do.   But it actually is propelling me forward in a different way.

Two weeks ago I didn’t think I had time to do anything more in my life. My calendar  was full. Now I have physical therapy taking up 2 hours, three times a week.

Interesting. When we need to create time for something important we do it.

It has been a great reminder that my life is as I create it! 

It can be easy to feel sorry for myself and get sucked into the “poor me” place…and I have had those moments for sure, but I catch myself and re-focus. I look to what I CAN DO not what I can’t. 

I look to the blessings; the gifts of love and support from friends and family. Gratitude is great medicine. I don’t focus on the plans I had to cancel or other missed opportunities that can drag my spirit down.

I focus on the prize of 100% healing and how that will look when I get there. Not how limited I am now. I am deep into my mindset toolbox, and staying aware of my choices.

YOU can too with whatever obstacle there is in your life. Where are your thoughts? What prize do you have your eye on?

It has not always been easy and I admit I have had my “pity party with potato chips” but, I continue to focus on the life I am creating and what I need to do to have it.

My message to you this week: 

Know what YOU want… 

Assess where YOU are  now….

 What is stopping you..

Ask yourself what steps can YOU take right now to get you closer to your outcome?

AND be sure to get really clear about the outcome you desire so YOU can truly know where you are headed. (and if you are unclear about any of those questions,  my coaching can help. You may not know how to handle the blocks and move forward. My specialty! click here  to schedule a complimentary discovery session. I would love to support you in breaking through your limitations!)

Every day I get a bit more healed and get closer to a full recovery. I am clear what that recovery looks like and I know the steps I need to take to get there.

I am gentle with myself when moments of sadness and frustration appear.  I allow my feelings to flow, I honor them and then I get back on my mindfulness horse to stay on course with my mission to heal.

Stay the course, my friend. Your life is your own to create. Dream big and make it happen. And I am here for support if you need some guidance on how to create the life you desire.

May you embrace each moment with the richness it deserves…

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